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Introducing Kouri Island

This video, produced by “Noriyuki Ichikawa,” is titled “[Aerial Footage] A stunning view of Okinawa. The beautiful turquoise of Kouri Island"(【空撮】沖縄の絶景・古宇利島・美しいターコイズブルー Okinawa Aerial Shoot). The aerial footage allows us to fully appreciate the spectacular landscape and blue seas of Okinawa's Kouri Island.

This video is less than 3 minutes long, so if you want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and learn about the attractions in the area, as well as tourist information about Okinawa, take a second to check it out!
Enjoy the beauty of Kouri Island, one of Japan's most famous power spots.

About Kouri Island

Image of Kouri Bridge
Photo:Kouri Bridge

Kouri Island is located in Nakijin, Kunigami district, Okinawa, and is praised as having the most beautiful waters in Okinawa.
Although it is a remote island, it can be easily accessed via Yagaji Island (屋我地島, Yagajishima) from the the 2,020 meter long Kouri Bridge connecting Yagaji Island and mainland Okinawa.

The Kouri Bridge can be seen from the beginning of the video.
Enjoy visiting Kouri Island, a remote island only about 90 kilometres from Okinawa Naha Airport. Allow the beautiful, soothing, turquoise blue sea to caress your body.

Enjoy Activities in the Beautiful Turquoise Sea!

Image of wind surfing
Photo:Marine Sports

With its year-round warm weather, Kouri Island is a great place to enjoy Okinawa's unique activities.
Enjoying marine sports, such as swimming and snorkeling in the emerald green waters, is hard to beat.
You can see some impressive windsurfing on the beautiful turquoise waves at 2:01 in the video.

We also recommend stopping by Heart Rock and Ocean Tower, to see some beautiful waves.
Don't forget to take some photos for your Instagram!

Kouri Island also offers a wide range of accommodations, so you can stay overnight and enjoy a full day of activities while forgetting about the passing of time.

Tasty Okinawan Food; Essential to Any Trip to Okinawa!

Image of Sea urchin bowl
Photo:Sea urchin bowl

After sightseeing on Kouri Island, enjoy Okinawan cuisine at one of the cafes or other eateries along the beach.

At the Kouri Island Fureai Square near the Kouri Bridge, you can enjoy Okinawan cuisine with plenty of fresh seafood.
The fresh sea urchin rice bowl served with a seaside view is superb.
There is a large parking lot at the Kouri Island Fureai Hiroba (market), so even if you rent a car, you can visit the island with ease.

Summary of Kouri Island in Okinawa

Kouri Island is accessible from Naha Airport in 1 hour and 30 minutes via the Okinawa Expressway or 2 hours by public highway.
The video of the crystal-clear, turquoise seas, that are hard to believe are in Japan, will leave you wanting more.

Enjoy the soothing turquoise waves of Kouri Island!

【Official Website】Kouri Island / KOURIJIMA ~a bridge-connected remote island in Nakijinson in Okinawa

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Is This Place Really in Japan??? Kouri Island in Okinawa Is a Southern Island Paradise Surrounded by Emerald Green Seas!
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