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Senninburo Introductory Video

This three-minute long video, titled "River Hot Spring, Senninburo【4K】Relax in the Outdoor Hot Spring as the Hanging Lanterns by the River Illuminate the Rising Steam" (川湯温泉 仙人風呂【4K】灯籠が湯煙を照らす川辺の大露天風呂), was released by "eo official" and introduces the river hot spring, Senninburo.

Hot springs, known as "onsen" in Japanese, are an important part of Japanese culture.
There are hot springs situated all over Japan which are visited by many tourists year after year.
In this article, we'll introduce a river hot spring in Wakayama prefecture (和歌山県) located in the Kansai region (関西地方) of Japan.

Senninnburo in Wakayama Prefecture - Japan's Largest Outdoor Hot Spring in Japan!

Voice actor Toshihiro Shigetsuka (重塚利弘) is the narrator of this video introducing the river hot spring, Senninburo.

From 1:14 in the video, you can see the steam rise from the hot springs as the light from the hanging lanterns illuminates it, creating a magical scene.
Every lantern is handmade and painted with different characters and pictures.
At 0:20 in the video, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful natural scenery of the hot spring, which is surrounded by mountains.

What Kind of Hot Spring Is Senninburo?

Image of steam from Senninburo
Photo:Wakayama Prefecture, Senninburo steam

Senninburo is a river hot spring in Hongu, Tanabe, in Wakayama prefecture (和歌山県田辺市本宮町).
It measures 40 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and is around 60 cm deep, making it the largest outdoor hot spring in Japan.
You can view the hot spring in its entirety from 0:41 in the video.

Hot water, which can reach more than 70℃, rises from the river bed mixing with the clear water of the Oto River (大塔川) which helps to control the temperature, making the river comfortable to bathe in.
During the day you can enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and at night you can relax while gazing at the starry sky.

Every Saturday evening from 8 pm to 10 pm, the hanging lanterns that line the sides of the river illuminate the rising steam, making it a great time to visit the hot spring.

The hot spring quality is classified as an "alkaline simple hot spring."
Bathing in such a hot spring is thought to be beneficial for people suffering from gastroenteritis, diabetes, gout, and nerve pain.

Please be aware that unlike other hot springs in Japan, you must wear a bathing suit and bring a towel with you.

Recommended Spots Around Senninburo

Image of Kumano Kodo, mysterious light
Photo:Kumano Kodo, mysterious light

There are several tourist spots in the area surrounding Senninburo. The following are three of the most popular:

Oyunohara (大斎原)
Kumano Kodo (熊野古道)
・Wakayama World Heritage Center (和歌山県世界遺産センター)
Oyunohara is a shrine located deep in the forests of Kumano. It's famous for being one of the top power spots in Japan.

Kumano Kodo is a popular sightseeing spot which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It features several hiking courses that are ideal for outdoors enthusiasts.
Wakayama World Heritage Center is involved in the conservation and promotion of World Heritage Sites.
It is a place where you can also learn more about the Kumano faith (熊野信仰).

Senninburo Summary

Many people visit the river hot spring Senninburo in search of relaxation.
We highly recommend visiting Senninburo on your trip to Wakayama prefecture!
Opening times are 6 am to 11 pm and entry is free of charge.
Entry is however limited to the winter season only, and the hot spring is closed from March to October.

There are several hotels and ryokan in the surrounding area which you can book online prior to your visit.
There are also many tourist spots nearby you can enjoy during your stay!
We hope you make the most of your trip to Wakayama prefecture!

【Official Website】Senninburo – Kumano Hongu Tourist Association (熊野本宮観光協会)


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Senninburo – The Largest Hot Spring in Japan in Wakayama Prefecture! The Winter-Only Open-Air Baths, Loved by Hot Spring Enthusiasts, Are Extremely Rare!
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