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About Yumori Tanakaya at the Nasu-Shiobara Hot Springs Area of Tochigi Prefecture

This video, titled "An Original Promotional Video of Yumori Tanakaya, Shiobara Hot Springs in Tochigi: A Very Well-Received inn With Outdoor Baths With an Incredible View and Tasty Grilled Dishes," (絶景渓流野天風呂と炉端料理が人気の宿【栃木県 塩原温泉 湯守田中屋オリジナルPV】), is a promotional video for Yumori Tanakaya, a Japanese-style inn in the Shiobara Onsen (hot springs) area of Tochigi Prefecture.

The Japanese hot spring inn Yumori Tanakaya is located in Nikko National Park's Class 1 Special Zone and is a popular inn with a history dating back to 1884.
Enjoy the splendor of the once-in-a-lifetime ryokan (Japanese-style inn), popular on review and comparison sites.

The Healing Effects of the Shiobara Hot Springs

Shiobara Onsen is a hidden gem that has been flowing directly from the source since before the Edo Period (1603 – 1868).

The spring is a sulfate hot spring of chloride and bicarbonate (sodium and calcium), and its effective against burns, gout, diabetic gallstones, cholecystitis, cuts, obesity, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, arteriosclerosis, constipation, and more.
Enjoy a relaxing time at the natural hot springs of Shiobara Oami which have been flowing for 1,200 years.

A luxurious Stay at the Fabulous Hot Springs of Yumori Tanakaya

Image of Ryuka Falls Promenade
Photo:Ryuka Falls Promenade

Yumori Tanakaya has a variety of facilities.
The baths include a natural hot spring bath, a ravine bath, and a large bathhouse with a view. It's fun to enjoy touring the different baths, such as the mixed-baths, the riverbed bath, the cave bath, and the women-only beauty bath.

You don't have to stay overnight to experience the outdoor baths and their vast amenities; you can casually stop by on a day trip as well.
You'll have an excellent time enjoying the natural scenery while crossing the Ryuka Bridge, a 15 minute-walk from the inn (seen at 1:10 in the video).
After enjoying the open-air baths and sightseeing around the area, relax in the Japanese style rooms.
One of the charms of Yumori Tanakaya is that you can spend your time however you please.

Yumori Tanakaya's Exquisite Cuisine

The best part of staying at any Japanese-style inn is surely savoring the delicious Japanese cuisine while relaxing in a yukata.
You can enjoy a luxury dinner, made using rich, local ingredients, at the hotel (1:51).

The made to order fireside dishes are a popular menu item, limited to eight groups a day.
Another feature of Yumoriya is its extensive selection of local sake and wine.
A Japanese banquet plan is also available, so we recommend gourmet trips for large groups.

The lounge, serving fresh coffee, is shown at 1:27.
The coffee is roasted in Ginza, Tokyo and “Forest Air,” is one of the top choices.

Summary of Yumori Tanakaya

The video shows the Instagrammable scenery of the nature-rich Nasu-Shiobara area and the luxurious time that can be had there.
The popular onsen resort, Yumori Tanakaya, welcomes you!

Room rates vary by season and plan, so we recommend that you book your room in advance on the official website or on a travel website so you can relax without any worry.
Take a break from the daily grind and enjoy a relaxing stay at this luxury inn.

◆Yumori Tanakaya ◆
【Address】6 Shiobara, Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture 329-2921
【Access】Approximately 50 minutes by bus from Nasushiobara Station
【Parking Facilities】Free Parking Available for 30 Vehicles
【Telephone No】 +81-287-32-3232

【Tripadvisor】 Nasushiobara City

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Last Updated : Feb. 21, 2022
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Yumori Tanakaya: 100% Natural Spring Water, Outside Bathing Areas, and Amazing Grilled Dishes. This Secluded, Luxury Hot-Spring Inn Is a Must-Stay!
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