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Suimeikan at Gero Onsen

Looking for an awesome ryokan (Japanese style inn) where you can visit some amazing hot springs? Well, look no further!
This is the perfect video for people who want to do just that! Relax at the perfect ryokan for visiting Gero City, Gifu Prefecture in Japan's Tokai Region, a popular tourist spot in Japan.
This video, titled "(Official) Gero Onsen 'Suimeikan'" (【公式】下呂温泉「水明館」), was created by "Suimeikan."
It's a promotional video for the popular ryokan "Suimeikan," located at Gero Onsen (Gero Hot Springs).

This video is filled with the attractions of Suimeikan: its Japanese-style landscape, the soothing hot springs, and the delicious Hida beef dishes.
Suimeikan has received high ratings on hotel/ryokan review sites and comparison sites as well.
This article will introduce the attractions and information regarding Suimeikan alongside the video.
Before we begin, immerse yourself in the experience of Suimeikan through the video.

What is Suimeikan?

Suimeikan, a ryokan that you will certainly want to stay in if you are visiting Gero City, is a historical ryokan that has been in business since 1932 (Showa 7).
This Japanese style hotel values the spirit of hospitality, soothing its visitors with services such as personally prepared tea.

Suimeikan is lined up alongside the Hida River and consists of 4 buildings, each containing unique and distinct rooms.
The 4 buildings consist of "Rinsenkaku," an elegant space that emphasizes traditional beauty, "Hisenkaku," which combines the best of both Japanese and Western style, "Sansuikan," which prioritizes traditional design, and "Hanare Seiransou," 5 Sukiya-style rooms.

・Rinsenkaku Four types of rooms: Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-Western-style rooms, rooms with open-air baths, and guest rooms.
All rooms feature a hot spring bath made of Koyamaki cedar, room service provided by the head chef, rooms with an open-air bath overlooking the Hida River, and a balcony on which to enjoy the view of the Gero city.

Four types of rooms: Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-Western-style rooms, single rooms, and special rooms.
The hotel features a wide range of room types from single rooms to spacious Japanese-Western-style rooms, a large bath with a great view from the top floor, Japanese-Western-style rooms with few steps that make it easy to move around, and a reception lounge on the first floor.

There are six types of rooms: Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-Western style rooms, Renewal Japanese-Western style rooms, Special rooms, Twin/Triple rooms with a Japanese antechamber, and Twin rooms.
Its main features are a “special room” where you can lose track of time watching the koi fish swim about.
The large boulders, beautiful nature, endless blue skies, open-air hot spring, and hot spring pool make for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The names of the rooms are taken from The Tale of Genji, and there are five rooms in total: "Aoi-no-Ma," "Yugao-no-Ma," "Takekawa," "Koubai," and "Kashiwagi-no-Ma.
It's a luxurious space with a tatami hallway.

The cuisine is a special menu prepared by the head chef of Seiranso, using carefully selected ingredients of the day.
Each room is equipped with a full range of amenities.

Information About Suimeikan's Facilities

There is a place within Suimeikan where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Japanese Garden.
If you enjoy the view while relaxing in a yukata, all of your worries are sure to melt away!
You can see the Japanese garden at 1:38 in the video.

One of the attractions of Suimeikan is that you can enjoy your time in the way that best suits you.
Suimeikan has various inside facilities such as the beauty salon, "Salon de Couleur," on the top floor of Hisenkaku, the inside pool "Suimei Health Club," the lobby lounge "Evian," the bar "Marone," the shop, "Club Jurien," and the karaoke room.

You can also enjoy a variety of delicious meals at Suimeikan!
Hida beef, with its high-quality fat, is especially delicious and is a must-try!
You can observe the meals at 1:08 in the video.

Suimeikan offers a variety of food choices and services suited to your preferences, such as restaurants that offer private rooms and lunch menus, "Heyashoku" where you can enjoy Japanese dishes crafted by the head chef with tasty seasonal ingredients, the European-style restaurant "Baden Baden," the Chinese restaurant / Chinese room "Ryuyuri," the Japanese restaurant "Kitanoryou," and "Dining Tokiwa."

About Suimeikan at Gero Onsen

Gero city, a famous Japanese tourist site, is a nature-rich area surrounded by mountains.
Gero Onsen has been chosen as one of the three best hot springs of Japan, there is also a "Legend of the White Eagle," which says that when the water at Gero Onsen stopped flowing, a white eaglet (which was the incarnation of Bhaisajyaguru) made the water start flowing again.
You can observe the hot spring at 0:51 in the video.

Gero Onsen's spring water is simple alkaline spring water, which is excellent for achieving beautiful skin.
The spring is effective against: motor organ disorders, rheumatism, nerve paralysis, post-illness recovery, and recovery from fatigue, and is also good for beauty and health.

At Suimeikan, you can enjoy the water flowing directly from the hot spring source with Shimotome hot water, open-air hot springs, large public baths with a beautiful view, reserved open-air hot springs and bedrock baths.
You can observe not just the lush green mountains and the Hida river, but also a view of Gero city.

It is possible to enter the open-air hot springs and large public bath without staying at the hotel as well.

Many people, including men who are tired from work and women who are looking for beauty treatments, visit Gero Onsen to take a bath.
Please try the various types of hot springs and find your favorite!

Tourist Attractions Around Suimeikan

There are many tourist attractions surrounding Suimeikan.

Some of these attractions include: Gero Onsen Gasshou Village (下呂温泉合掌村), Gero Onsen Shrine (下呂温泉神社), Onsenji Temple (温泉寺), Nakayama Shichiri (中山七里), Yokoya Gorge (横谷峡), Gandate Gorge (巌立峡), Okuhida Shuzo Brewery (奥飛騨酒造), Gero Onsen deyu Morning Market (下呂温泉 いでゆ朝市), Roadside Station Minamihidaosaka Hanamomo (道の駅 南飛騨小坂はなもも), Roadside Station Hidakanayama Nukumori no Sato Onsen (道の駅 飛騨金山ぬく森の里温泉), Marukarinosato Kuno River (まるかりの里 久野川), Roadside Station Maze Mikinosato (道の駅 馬瀬 美輝の里), Jakoushimizu (麝香清水), Seiryu Maze River (清流馬瀬川), Senshoji Temple (禅昌寺), Johukuji Temple (浄福寺), Tochimoto Farm (杤本農園), Mazekaore Health Farm (まぜ川上健康農園), and Kaeru Shrine (加恵瑠神社).

Summary of Suimeikan

Access to Gifu Prefecture's Suimeikan is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by train from Nagoya Station, and the nearest station is Gero Station on the Takayamamoto Line, and it is a 3 minute walk from Suimeikan.

Suimeikan is full of relaxing hot springs, delicious meals, tourist spots, and various facilities! Please watch the video and find your favorite thing about Suimeikan!
Room rates and prices may vary by season, room and plan, please check the official website or travel websites for booking availability.

Suimeikan is the best place to stay when you visit Gifu Prefecture.
You can only experience the pleasure of bathing at Gero Onsen, surrounded by Instagram-worthy scenery, here!

◆Gero Onsen's "Suimeikan" Facility Overview◆
【Address】〒509-2206 1268 Koden, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture
【Access】Takayama Main Line, 3-minute walk from Gero Station
【Parking】Yes. Can fit about 200 vehicles
【Telephone No】0576-25-2801

【Official Website】Gero Onsen Suimeikan 【Official】Guaranteed Lowest Price

【Tripadvisor】Gero Onsen Suimeikan

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