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Hiranoya - A Long-Established Hot Spring Inn at Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture

YouTube screenshot is titled "Hiranoya at Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture (full ver.)" (三谷温泉平野屋 プロモーションビデオ(フルver))."
It's a promotional video introducing Hiranoya, a traditional Japanese inn at Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture.

Although it has a history of long-established ryokan, it is the only ryokan in Japan that continues to evolve with a spirit of continuity and timelessness.
In Miya, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, there are lodging facilities such as Shofuen, Higaki Hotel, Laguna, Meizansou Ryokan, and other hotels.
This video introduces Hiranoya, a traditional Japanese inn at Miya Onsen.

In this video, the lady in a kimono begins by serving tea.
You can feel the Japanese atmosphere from the beginning of the video.
The ryokan, popular on review and comparison sites, is a place we recommend staying at at least once.

Rooms at Hiranoya at Miya Onsen, Aichi

Rooms at Miya Onsen's Hiranoya can be viewed at 0:34 in the video.
Hiranoya has three buildings: Yurakutei in the West, Midorisuitei in the East, and the Main Building.

The western hall, Yurakutei, is based on three different aspects of Japanese tradition: Pottery, weaving, and handicrafts. The atmosphere of each floor is unified, and you can see the spirit of hospitality that is unique to Japan everywhere throughout the facility.

In the east hall, Midorisuitei, there's an elevated sukiya-style room where you can see the surrounding area in one sweeping view. In the main building, you can enjoy neatly designed rooms with a Japanese feel.

Please check the official website and travel websites for reservations and pricing.
There is also a one-day plan for those looking to take a quick dip in the hot springs!

Hiranoya- Japan's Leading Beauty Hot Spring at Miya Onsen

Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan, and its whitening hot spring "Bijin no Yu" is especially famous for its simple alkaline spring water.
It is effective against neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, and aids in recovery from motor paralysis, bruising, and sprains.
Miya Onsen's Hiranoya offers four types of hot springs:

Kirara-no-yu, a large public bath that uses granite, Hinanoyu, an open-air bath with a Japanese garden that smells of natural timber, a cave bath reminiscent of the underground, and a Roman bath, reminiscent of Rome, using marble.

Free mineral water is also available in the bathing area for you to relax and enjoy.
In keeping with the Japanese spirit of hospitality, many amenities are available, so if you're coming empty handed there's no need to worry.
You can see the hot springs of Miya Onsen's long-established inn Hiranoya from 0:53 in the video.

Dining at Hiranoya at Miya Onsen, Aichi

Miya Onsen's Hiranoya offers Japanese seafood dishes from Mikawa in Aichi Prefecture. In Mikawa, you can enjoy Japanese gourmet cuisine that makes the most of the bounty of the sea and mountains in each of the four seasons.
You can see some of the dishes at 1:08 in the video.

They offer a buffet dinner for families as well as a private dining room.
The a la carte menu includes a variety of dishes such as boat-wrap sushi, abalone toban-yaki (toban-yaki means "to roast on a ceramic plate"), fresh dancing prawn, Mikawa beef toban-yaki, bamboo steamed queen crab in a basket, shabu-shabu, and more!

The on-site facilities include a lobby lounge, "Ivy," an observation room, a convention hall, and banquet rooms of various sizes.

Summary of Hiranoya, a Traditional Japanese Inn at Miya Onsen, Aichi

This video introduces the charms of Hiranoya, one of Japan's long-established inns, located at Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture.
For transportation to Hiranoya, a free shuttle bus runs from Mikawa-Miya Station, 45 minutes from Nagoya Station in Aichi Prefecture by the Tokaido Main Line.

There is also a parking lot, and if you drive, it's about 20 minutes from the Otowa Gamagori Interchange on the Tomei Expressway.
There are plenty of colorful yukata and popular spots to visit, so be sure to check out the official website for more information.
Hiranoya, is located near the sea, so you can take a stroll along the beach wearing a yukata. This can be seen at 0:44 in the video.

Nearby is the seaside resort Laguna Ten Bosch, where you can enjoy a theme park, gourmet shopping, a jumbo pool, cruising, and more.
Gamagori Orange Park, Takeshima, Takeshima Aquarium, Kobo Daishi, the Fish Market, Mikaneyama Skyline, Mikawa Bay Skyline, Ganfujiji Temple, Mito Golf Club, Aichi Children's Country, the Gamagori City Museum, and the Gamagori Museum of Earth, are sightseeing spots that you can enjoy around the area.

At the inn, you can also experience making original works at the salon hosted by the landlady.
You can see this at 1:32 in the video.
So what'd you think of Hiranoya?
Relax and unwind at Hiranoya, a luxury Japanese inn at Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture.

◆Hiranoya, Miya Onsen - Facilities ◆
【Address】1-21 Minamiyama, Miya-cho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi Prefecture 443-0021
【Access】About 20 minutes by car from Tomei Otowa Gamagori IC
【Parking】 Available.
【Telephone No】0533-68-5161

【Official Website】Hiranoya, Miya Onsen

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Hiranoya - A Beautiful Japanese Inn at Miya Onsen in Aichi Prefecture! Four Hot Springs, Three Relaxation Lounges, and Exquisite Cuisine... Spend Your Holidays in Luxury
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