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A Story of Lovers, Spun at the Famous Wakura Onsen

This is the official video of the first class ryokan, "Matsunomidori" that opened in 2015.
It was produced by the "Official Kagaya Group."

This video is created based on the love story of a couple who fell in love at "Matsunomidori."
Its luxurious entrance, gorgeous guest rooms and garden featuring the national treasure "Shōrin-zu byōbu, are a spectacle to behold.
This first-class ryokan in Noto (能登半島: Noto Peninsula) became explosively popular in viral sites and travel sites due to its photogenicity .

Let’s take a look at detailed information about the facility, such as its foods, hot springs, activities, and popular tourist spots.
Be sure to follow along with the video for a full experience, and to see the beauty of Matsunomidori.

The Lovers of Wakura Onsen

One couple fell in love at "Matsunomidori," one of the most famous hot springs in Japan.
As you can see from the footage (0:23), the couple first sees the entrance displaying Wajima-lacquer ware, Kutani-yaki and Tamamizu-yaki porcelain wares.
After checking in at this ryokan, they head to the garden called "Yuudo" featuring a Japanese ink painting.

You can see this beautiful garden in the footage from 0:34.
A couple are relaxed at an ocean view room with drinks in hand.
It's such a surreal scene.

The Facilities of Matsunomidori

As you can see from the footage (1:13), you can relax over a cup of green tea in "Tokuryoan," the Japanese guest tea room.
The hospitality is second to none.

Relax and unwind from your weary travels.
There are large baths such as "Tasogareno-yu" (the women’s bath) and "Akatsukino-yu" (the men's bath) that use Wakura Onsen, one of the most popular hot springs in Japan.
Both baths have an inside bath and an open air bath.
The spring is rich in minerals such as natrium, calcium and chloride.
This hot spring is good for rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, and allergies.
It is also said to be good for anemia and digestive disorders if you drink a diluted serving.

After you enjoy bathing at the hot springs, you can relax in the salon for a while as well.
Guests may use this salon for free.
You can see footage of Matsunomidori's hot springs at 1:31.

All rooms are based on Japanese style but use contemporary furniture.
Every room has a view of Nanao Bay (七尾湾, Nanao-wan).
There are three types of rooms: Japanese style room, Japanese/western style room, and the deluxe suite.
All rooms are equipped with an indoor bath, and the deluxe suite has an open air bath.
Amenities such as beautiful Yukata are popular among guests.

The Outstanding Cuisine of Matsunomidori

Matsunomidori is the only accommodation in Noto that uses an inclusive plan.
The inclusive plan, which is still rare in Japan, includes drinks from the lobby and bar, dinner, and midnight snacks all included in the room price. We highly recommend it.

Gorgeous dishes including Japanese and French cuisine, as well as specialties using seasonal ingredients, are served.
You can see these superb cuisines on the footage from 1:50.

Information on Matsunomidori's Facilities

There are various facilities that guests can use.

As shown in the video, there are fabulous facilities such as the Entrance museum (0:23), the "Library" (2:07), a shop where guests can buy Wajiwa lacquer ware and original goods, as well as an ocean view smoking room.

Tourist Spots Around Matsunomidori

Image of Chirihama Nagisa Driveway
Photo:Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

There are many tourist spots around Matsunomidori.

For example, "Notojima aqua museum," "Nanao-jo castle ruin," "Ketataisha," "Chirihama Nagisa Driveway," "Notojima," "Michinoeki Noto Market," "Hanayome Noren Kan, "Noto jima Ohashi," "Notoyama satoumi go," "Beshodake Skydeck Noto Yume terrace," "Twin bridge Noto," "Wakura Showa Museum and Toy Museum," "Wajima Morning Market," "Wajima kobo nagaya," "Wajima Museum of Urushi art," "Wajima Kiriko Art Museum," "Senmaida," "Hatagoiwa" and "Yoshitune no Funekakushi."
If you're staying at Matsunomidori, you'll have no shortage of things to do.

Summary of Matsunomidori

Matsunomidori at Noto Peninsula has beautiful, natural, Japanese scenery and attractive tourist spots.
It's located in Nanao city, Ishikawa prefecture.
It takes about 3 hours and 35 minutes by Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo.
Guests can use transportation services provided by this accommodation as well.

Furthermore, there are some plans for day trip visitors. They can use facilities owned by the Wakura Onsen Kagaya Group.
After checking out, guests can take a bath and buy souvenirs in their shops.
You can book this accommodation on the official web-site or an online travel site.
Please enjoy the video of Matsunomidori, where guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Noto.

◆Information on Matsunomidori◆
【Address】34 Wabe Waura-machi Nanao-shi Ishikawa-ken 926-0175
【Access】6 minutes by car from Wakura Onsen off Noto Railway (A free shuttle bus is available)
【Parking】Available (Free)
【Telephone No】0767-62-8000

【Official Website】Matsunomidori, annex of Wakura Onsen Kagaya|Hokuriku Noto Ishikawa Ryokan Accomodaiton

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