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Yunoshimakan: A Tangible Cultural Property at Gero Onsen in Gifu Prefecture

This video, titled "[Gero Onsen Yunoshima-kan] A Tangible Cultural Property" (【 下呂温泉 湯之島館 】 登録有形文化財), was created by "Multicopter Operating Drone Aerial photography" (マルチコプターオペレーティング ドローン 空撮).

Yunoshimakan is a long-standing ryokan in Gero Onsen, established in 1931. Gero Onsen is one of Japan’s most famous hot springs, and Yunoshimakan is located at the top of a hill overlooking the town of Gero.
The building was designated as a Tangible Cultural Property in 1947.

In 1949, Yunoshimakan was designated a "Government Registered International Tourist Inn No. 8," by the Japanese government, which certifies that the hotel meets certain standards to ensure that foreign visitors to Japan can stay at the hotel with peace of mind.

The ryokan has had the honor of accommodating the previous Emperor Showa in 1949, as well as the former Emperor Akihito in 1977.

Gero Onsen's Yunoshimakan is popular on hotel and ryokan review and comparison websites for its excellent hospitality.

Enjoy the charm of Gero Onsen's Yunoshimakan's vast 50,000-square-meter grounds in the amazing aerial footage filmed using the latest drone technology.

Yunoshimakan: Enjoy a Variety of Deluxe Meals, Such as Hida Beef Cuisine, a Specialty of Gifu Prefecture, at Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen's Yunoshimakan offers a traditional Japanese-style dinner, where courses are brought to each individual room.
Some examples of the menu are Hida beef sirloin steak and river fish dishes, such as ayu (sweetfish) and amago (red-spotted eel) caught in the local Masuda River, all of which are made from locally caught fish and locally raised livestock.
They also offer a wide range of alcoholic-beverages, mainly from the Hida region.
These sumptuous meals can be seen at 2:00 in the video.

Breakfast, where you can sample a variety of Hida specialties, is served in a hall on the 8th floor. >br> A kid’s menu is also available for those traveling as a family.

Yunoshimakan: A Traditional Japanese-Style Ryokan at Gero Onsen

In the Muromachi period (1336-1573), the poet and Buddhist monk Banri Shukyu, referred to Kusatsu, Arima, and Yushima as Japan's three most famous hot springs, and the Confucian philosopher of the Edo Period (1603-1868), Hayashi Razan, also quoted his words, making Gero widely known as one of Japan's most famous hot springs. The origin of the name Yunoshimakan is also derived from the ancient name of the place "Yushima" (lit. Island of Hot Springs).

The springs of Gero Onsen are classified as simple alkaline hot springs with a source temperature of 55° Celsius and a pH level of 8.9.
Gero Onsen is effective in treating neuralgia, myalgia, stiff shoulders, soreness, chronic digestive disorders, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, and more.
The therapeutic water keeps your skin moist, and it's known as "Bijin no Yu" (a beauty spring).

In the main building, there are rooms with elaborate designs, including an open-air bath, a Japanese garden, and guest rooms. Amenities are also provided at the hot springs, so there's no need to worry about bringing your own.
You can check out the hot springs in the video at 1:27. There are several hot springs in the ryokan. Which one caught your eye?

Tourist Spots Near Yunoshimakan at Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen is surrounded by the mountains, and due to the steepness of the mountains in Hida, it used to be a place for Shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism) in the Asuka Period.

At an elevation of 767m (2,500 ft.), each season offers various scenic views, such as green leaves and beautiful flowers.
You can enjoy strolling around the woods and bird-watching on the trekking course or see fish swimming in the streams.
Check out the video at 2:12 to see the beautiful scenery of Gero Onsen.

Summary of Yunoshimakan at Gero Onsen

Travel agencies offer various kinds of tours for Gero Onsen's Yunoshimakan.
Be sure to check out the official website to see the prices and plans they offer each season.

This video showed you an aerial view of Gero Onsen Yunoshimakan, a historical inn with hot springs offering ultimate relaxation.
Step away from your busy city life and take a deep breath in the beautiful natural environment of Hida!

◆Outline of Gero Onsen Yunoshimakan◆
【Address】645 Yunoshima, Gero City, Gifu 509-2207
【Access】5 minutes car ride from JR Gero station
【Parking】Free parking is available
【Phone number】0576-25-4126

【Official Website】Gero Onsen Yunoshimakan, A Tangible Cultural Property


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Yunoshimakan: Enjoy a Relaxing Time in the Garden of the Facility Designated a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan in Gero Onsen!
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