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PR Video for the Private Getaway Tokisumika!

This video titled "2019 Full ver” is a promotional video for the private getaway in the Chuo Alps- Tokisumika.
Kiso range (木曽山脈:Kiso mountain range) in Nagano(長野県:Nagano prefecture), Hida mountain range, and Akashi mountain range are collectively called the Japan Alps.

The Chuo Alps, located in the center of the Japan Alps, is a popular tourist spot where people can enjoy different sceneries from all 4 seasons.
Tokisumika, in the Chuo Alps, is a popular accommodation on travel and review sites.

If you want to escape from daily life and feel the beauty of Nagano Prefecture's Chuo Alps, be sure to watch the video and take in all of the gorgeous views.

What Kind of Place Is Tokisumika

When you arrive at the lobby, you'll hear the beautiful singing of an erhu (a two-stringed Chinese violin).

The recommended guest rooms are the scenic Garden View Twin and the Japanese Garden Semi Suite Twin. There are other luxurious rooms such as the Garden Corner Twin, Riverside Corner Twin, and Garden Semi Suite Twin, and all of the rooms are comfortable and attractive. It is also recommended that you relax in the guest room with a semi-open-air bath.
Unfortunately, there is no large public bath, but every room has a semi-open air bath equipped with various amenities.

How to Spend Your Time at Tokisumika

At the restaurant "Aoi," You can enjoy original kaiseki meals (traditional Japanese meal brought in courses) prepared with ingredients from the local mountains in the southern part of Shinshu.
With carefully selected ingredients and a motto of hospitality, the Japanese cuisine, prepared with local ingredients, is truly exquisite.

The Ayurveda Indian massage service inside the hotel is also a great way to relax.
There is also a wedding plan at "Kisumi Ka," a hidden inn tucked away in the Central Alps Grove. If you have a wedding ceremony here, the amazing views are sure to make for an unforgettable experience.

Summary of Tokisumika!

Image of Mount Kisokoma
©Suganu0405 Modifying

Tokisumika is a hotel that offers a magnificent view of the Japan Alps.
If you're staying here, it's recommended that you take the Komagatake Ropeway and walk around the different tourist spots of the Chuo Alps, such as the instagrammable "Senjojiki Cirque," "Kozenji Temple,” "Komakusa Bridge," or the "Komagane Local Museum."
You can enjoy one day hot spring facilities at "Komakusa no yu" as well.
We recommend taking a walk around Komagane Kogen (駒ヶ根高原: Komagane Highlands) to enjoy the overflowing nature.

Accommodation fees vary by season and room type.
Please see the official web-site or travel web sites for prices.
If you haven't yet, be sure to watch the video about Tokisumika to get a better idea of what it's like.

◆Information about Tokisumika◆
【Address】4-172 Akaho Komagane-shi Nagano
【Access】3 minutes by car from Komagane IC in Chuodo. A free shuttle bus is available from JR Komagane station (Reservation required)
【Parking】Available (Free)
【Telephone Number】0265-95-2446

【Official Website】The Private Getaway Tokisumika

【Tripadvisor】The Private Getaway Tokisumika

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