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What is Keio Plaza Hotel?

"Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo released a promotional video titled "Keio Plaza Hotel Official Video" (京王プラザホテル オフィシャル動画).
The hotel is highly rated on various hotel rating sites.

JR Shinjuku Station, which is now the busiest station in Japan, and the Nishi-Shinjuku area, are home to some of the world's best hotels.
However, the area wasn't fully urbanized when Keio Plaza Hotel was completed in 1971.
The Keio Plaza Hotel was the first modern, high-rise hotel to be built in Japan.
Its 170-meter tall tower attracted a million visitors within 6 months of completion.
You can see the original landscape around the building in the video.

The video tells the history of Keio Plaza Hotel which has devoted itself to providing the best service for guests, and its history as a venue for more than 1,200 international conferences.

The Hospitality Services Praised by International Guests

Having a great location, the hotel has received many international guests in recent years and thus provides a wide variety of Japanese-style services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay catering to all guests from over 100 countries.
The Japanese foods and beverages served at the hotel are highly rated by international guests.
The hotel offers some Japanese-style rooms, rare for a city hotel, and offers an authentic tea ceremony experience.

The kimono rental service, as well as the art exhibitions in the modern interior space, forges a fusion of modernity and tradition, which makes for a hot topic of discussion on Instagram.
It also holds some unique events such as a Hinamatsuri (Japanese traditional doll festival for girls) exhibition displayed in the lobby (from 1:03) to offer experiences unique to Japan.

The number of rooms in the Main and South Towers totals 1428.
Various types of rooms are provided, such as: the "Club Lounge," "Premier Grand," "Premier Grand Suite," "Plaza Luxe," "Deluxe," "Superior," "Standard," Universal Design Room," and the "Four Bedded Room."

Keio Plaza Hotel - Dining Information

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo has a large collection of in-house restaurants and bars including ones specialized in Japanese foods and beverages on the 1st-3rd floor and 7th floor of the Main Tower, and the second floor of the South Tower is dedicated to French and Italian restaurants. Perched on the top floor of the Main Tower is the Aurora Sky Lounge.

A large variety of foods are offered to cater to all tastes and budgets. This is introduced at 1:20 in the video.

Keio Plaza Hotel offers the food and beverage units listed below.
All of them are open also to walk-in guests.

Buffet "Super Buffet Glass Court"
French & Italian "Duo Fourcettes"
All Day Dining "Jurin"
Teppan Yaki "Yamanami"
Japanese Cuisine "Kagari"
Kaiseki Cuisine "Soujyuan"
Tempura "Shun"
Chinese Dining "Nan-en"
Korean Dining "Gokokutei"
Sushi "Kyubey"
Soba "Fumotoya"
Main Bar "Brilliant"
Lobby Lounge "Cocktail and Tea Lounge"
Art Lounge "Duet"
Japanese Sake Bar "Amanogawa"
Sky Lounge "Aurora"
Karaoke "Karaoke 47"
Food Boutique "Poppins"

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo - Facilities & Services Information

As shown in the video from 2:08, Keio Plaza Hotel also serves as a venue where international travelers meet the local art scene.
The art exhibitions in the lobby display artworks such as paintings, sculptures, ceramic art or textiles of well-known artists as well as young emerging artists from Japan.

The hotel also provides various facilities.
The facilities and services include: Reflexology, a beauty salon, a kimono fitting service, and a photo studio. This makes it an ideal venue for wedding receptions.
A variety of health facilities are also provided, such as the fitness room and outdoor pool for a complete wellness experience.
These facilities are provided to respond to the every need of guests.

Access to Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

The hotel is conveniently located, being just a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station on the JR and private railway lines and is directly connected to Exit B1 of Tocho-mae Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line.
For those who are flying in, there are limousine buses from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport that go directly to the hotel.

If you come by car, there is a paid parking lot with a maximum capacity of 509 vehicles.
As its location allows guests to get around easily, Keio Plaza Hotel is by far the best place to stay in Tokyo.

Keio Plaza Hotel also operates hotels in Sapporo, Hachioji, Tama and Kyoto.
You can book your room or inquire about room fees on their official website or on other travel sites.

The Surrounding Area of Keio Plaza Hotel

Nishi-shinjuku district features a variety of sightseeing spots and shopping areas including "Metropolitan Governors Office Observation Deck," "Odakyu Department Store," "Keio Department Store" "Yodobashi Camera," "Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Nipponkoa Museum of Art," "Shinjuku Chuo Park," "The conran shop" and "Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery."

There are also a plenty of attractions in a walking distance, such as: "Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden," "Hanazono Shrine," "Kabuki-cho District," "Robot Restaurant," "Shinjiku Southern Terrace," "Godzilla Head," "Fire Museum," "Shinjuku Golden Gai," "Omoide Yokocho," "Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal Pedestrians Square," "Suica Penguin Square," "Shinokubo Korean Town," or "Anahachimangu Shrine."

Summary of Keio Plaza Hotel

Nishi Shinjuku-Skyscrapers
Photo:Nishi Shinjuku-Skyscrapers

Keio Plaza Hotel is a hotel chain operating hotels in Nishi-shinjuku, Sapporo, Hachioji, Tama and Kyoto.
It also provides some unique accommodation plans.
Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, for example, has a hotel plan that includes an admission ticket to the onsen facility "Gokurakuyu," located in the vicinity.

Shinjuku is a popular area in Tokyo that features many attractions.
The sweeping view of Tokyo from the sky lounge is sure to look great on Instagram.
It's location also makes it very convenient for guests. The underground passage, directly connected to the metro station, allows you to stay dry on rainy days.

Enjoy the video introducing the charms of Keio Plaza Hotel, which is, in itself, a tourist attraction.

【Address】2-2-1 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo (Zip 160-8330)
【Access】By Train - 10 minutes from JR Shinjuku
【Parking】Yes. 509 parking spaces
【Telephone No】 (+81) 03-3344-0111

【Official Website】Keio Plaza Hotel

【Tripadvisor】 Keio Plaza Hotel

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Keio Plaza Hotel: The Hospitality of the First High-Rise Hotel Built in Japan Ensures a Memorable Stay in Tokyo!
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