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The Popular Japanese Inn "Hakkei" at Yubara Onsen

This video, titled "'HAKKEI' YADO PV Premium Special Long Ver / JAPAN: Yado PV Hakkei 03" (“HAKKEI” YADO PV Premium Special Long Ver /JAPAN : 宿PV 八景03), was produced by "private-onsen JAPAN."
It introduces the charms of the popular ryokan (Japanese style inn) Hakkei at Yubara Onsen in Okayama Prefecture, in Japan's Chugoku region.

Yubara Onsen's Hakkei, with its open-air baths and cheerful landlady in a location rich in nature, has a high level of customer satisfaction and a very large number of repeat customers on hotel and ryokan review and comparison sites.
If you're looking to relax and enjoy your holidays, this is the place for you!

A Look at Yubara Onsen's Hakkei

Yubara Onsen's Hakkei, a popular Japanese inn, is a warm and welcoming facility that opened 20 years ago in Okayama Prefecture.
The inn was started with the owner's wish for guests to eat plenty of fresh vegetables from the naturally rich mountainous area. Access is about 15 minutes by car from the Yubara Interchange on the Yonago Expressway.

On the shore opposite the ryokan lays "Sunayu," which is regarded as one of the best open-air baths around, and behind it lays the Yubara Dam.
The ryokan is located in a beautiful setting, with a suspension bridge on the approach to the facility.
You can see it at 0:04 in the video.

The inn's proprietress is also said to be very popular, having a charming personality, and some people stay here for just that reason.
There are a variety of rooms available, including a Japanese-style room, the twin Japanese style room with a view of Sunayu, a Japanese-Western-style suite with an open-air bath, a vegetable garden, a grand suite with an open-air bath, a living room, and a double room.
This can be seen at 0:53 in the video.

Accommodation rates vary by season and plan.
One day bathing and meal plans are also available for those with a tight schedule.
For details and reservations, see the official website and travel websites.

The hotel is also well-equipped with facilities such as "Souvenir shop - Takara-do," "Karaoke Box No Usagi," the Children's Corner, and the "Aesthetic Room - Fuwari".
With so many facilities to choose from, you can spend your time relaxing however you like.

The Hot Springs of Yubara Onsen's Hakkei

The main attraction of Okayama's popular inn, Yubara Onsen's Hakkei, is of course the hot springs.
At this inn, you can enjoy a variety of hot spring facilities such as Kawa no Yu, Sora no Yu, Nagomi no Yu, and Ega no Yu, as well as a mixed bathing open-air bath.
The baths can be seen at 0:36 in the video.

It is a low-tonic alkaline hot spring, and is said to be effective in treating motor paralysis, bruises, gastrointestinal disorders, neuralgia, sprains, joint pains, stiff shoulders, cold sensitivity, and more.

Forget about the troubles of every day life and melt away in the relaxing baths of Yubara Onsen's Hakkei.

Dining at Yubara Onsen's Hakkei

At the popular Yubara Onsen inn "Hakkei," in Okayama Prefecture, visitors can enjoy seasonal, vegetable-centered, mountain village cuisine made with carefully prepared broth at "Hanaguruma.
With more than 50 different kinds of vegetables between the dinner and breakfast menus, you can enjoy the vibrant, delicious Japanese cuisine.
They also offer Western dishes for breakfast.

Chef Masahara cooks Hakkei's Japanese cuisine with vegetables as the main ingredient.
He is very particular about preparing "delicious" food, such as multi-course meals and daily specials, and warmly welcomes visitors.

Eating delicious food at Hakkei and soaking in the Yubara hot springs will make for an unforgettable trip.

Summary of Yubara Onsen's Hakkei

Yuzawa Onsen's Hakkei supports families traveling with children and offers a full range of amenities such as diaper bins and baby baths. Yuzawa Onsen's Hakkei is located in Okayama Prefecture, which is home to the Kurashiki Bikan district, where you can enjoy the nostalgic scenery of the olden days, and Bichu Matsuyama Castle, which is called the Castle in the Sky and was used in the opening scene of the Taiga drama "Sanada Maru."
There are many hot spring spots in Okayama Prefecture.
Among them, the most popular hot spring spot is Yuzawa Onsen, where the popular ryokan Hakkei and Aburaya are located.
There are plenty of instagrammable spots where you can enjoy superb views and seasonal views as well, so we recommend checking out the area.

◆Yuzawa Onsen Hakkei Introduction of facility outline◆
【Address】〒717-0406 Toyosaka 1572, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture
【Access】About 15 minutes by car from Yubara IC on Yonago Expressway
【Telephone No】0867-62-2211

【Official Website】Okayama Yubara Hot Spring Inn Hakkei

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The Hottest Ryokan in Town! Yubara Onsen Hakkei in Okayama Prefecture Offers an Amazing Location With Fresh, Delicious Vegetable Dishes! The Popular Open-Air Mixed Bathing Hot Springs Await You!
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