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Check This Out! An Introduction to “HANAORI”: Hakone Lake's Luxury Ryokan

This Video, titled “Hakone / Ashinoko HANAORI.
Introduction video; Hanaori Long Version, HAKONE, Lake Ashi, Foot bath”, is showing the attraction of Hakone luxury hotel “HANAORI”.

“HANAORI” is a Japanese Ryokan that just opened in 2017, and the location is a beautiful spot overlooking Lake Ashino-ko (Hakone Lake).
This is a very popular accommodation with great reviews on travel sites.

Hearing that a luxury inn with such a beautiful view exists you're probably thinking "it's gotta be expensive." Well actually, “HANAORI” is a place where you can enjoy a relaxing onsen (hot spring) resort with pretty reasonable prices. This makes it a pretty popular spot. Please watch this video, and enjoy the sights of Hakone Lake.

HANAORI's Hot Springs

Japan's Ryokan are the embodiment of "Omotenashi" (hospitality in Japanese), and when you'll inevitably want to rid yourself of fatigue in the beautiful hot springs, like the one introduced at 1:42 in the video, you'll known exactly what Japan's hospitality is all about.
“HANAORI” has 100% natural hot springs from Ubako Yamakoshi Asahi hot spring, a slightly thick hot spring (due to its rich mineral content). Tanayu, the open-air bath with views of Ashino-ko during any season, is like heaven.

The hot springs qualities are calcium, magnesium, sodium sulfate, and hydrogen carbonate. These are effective against nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, fatigue, arteriosclerosis, cuts, burn injury, and chronic skin diseases. It also has a soothing effect, and helps cultivate health enhancement
In addition to the public baths, make sure that you enjoy the private baths, foot-baths, and the after-bath relaxing space to soothe your body. There's also a powder room with skin care amenities.

Dining and Room Information for Hakone Lake's “HANAORI”

After bathing in a hot spring, you'll want to change into a yukata and enjoy an exquisite dining experience. As introduced at 3:17 in the video, the Japanese Ryokan "HANAORI" has buffet dining, French Cuisine, and Japanese restaurants as well.
Enjoy meals packed with local ingredients.
You can enjoy time at a café time and lunch at the open-air terrace and take some memorable photos for your Instagram as well.

In the Japanese Ryokan "HANAORI," there are Japanese and Western style rooms that combine the best of both worlds, as well as deluxe rooms with open-air baths.
Check the accommodation plan and book a room before visiting.

Facility Information for “HANAORI”

The charm of “HANAORI” is that everyone can spend time enjoying their time however they wish. You can purchase traditional crafts and souvenirs just from Hakone, or relax with beauty treatments and massages.

Summary of Hakone Lake's “HANAORI”

Image of Torii at Hakone Shrine
Photo:Torii at Hakone Shrine

Around the Hakone Ashino-ko area where “HANAORI” is located, there are various tourist attractions such as Hakone Shrine, Kuzuryu Shrine Shingu, and Owakudani Kurotamagokan (Black Egg shop) in the Owakudani Garden.

There are many activities such visiting the top of Mt.Hakone on the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway, enjoying the artwork at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, Pola Museum, Hakone Museum, The museum of the Little Prince, and Okada Museum of Art. Also you can fully enjoy the natural scenery on the Lake Ashi no-ko Pleasure Boat, Hakone Pirate Ship, Hakone Tozan Railway, and even healing your tired body at a day-trip hot spring to make some unforgettable memories.
These attractions are featured throughout the video.
When you visit "HANAORI", be sure to enjoy sightseeing around the area!

For those wanting to visit some of Japan's most famous hot springs, we hope you enjoy watching the video and experience how wonderful “HANAORI” is.
Please check travel sites and the official website, as room rates for reservations can vary by season, room, plan, and tour.

◆Hakone Lake Ashino-ko HANAORI Facility Information◆
【Address】160 Motohakone Togendai, Hakone-Cho, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa.
【Access 】3 minute walk from Hakone Ropeway “Togendai” station, and a free shuttle bus service is available from JR Odawara station.
【Parking】Available. About 100 spots.
【Tel】+81 460-83-8739

【Official website】For Hotels and Ryokan in Hakone Lake Ashino-ko: Hakone Lake Ashino-ko HANAORI

【Trip Advisor】Hakone Lake Ashino-ko HANAORI

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