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Introducing the Private Villas of "Tenkunomori"

"“Tenku_no_Mori” YADO-PV/JAPAN : 宿PV_天空の森02" is a video produced by private-onsen JAPAN to advertise Minami Kirishima Hot Spring's "Tenkunomori," in Kagoshima Prefecture.

"Tenkunomori" of Minami Kirishima Hot spring in Kagoshima Prefecture is a luxury villa (hotel) in Minami-Kirishima Onsen, Kagoshima Prefecture, popular on hotel and inn review and comparison websites.
The video introduces the rooms and views of this completely private villa with a spectacular view of the Kirishima mountain range, home to some of the most famous mountains in Kagoshima, one of Japan's "One Hundred Famous Mountains" and listed in the "Top One Hundred Views of Japan."

Feel the warm embrace of nature with these breathtaking views.
Sit back and enjoy the beautiful Japanese scenery.


Tenkunomori is located in Kagoshima Prefecture at the southern end of Kyushu.
There are only 5 villas on its 150 Sq. acres.
This luxurious resort facility provides a high class reception.
As you can see in the video, it's an untouched gem in a vast sea of nature.
The attraction of this place is that while it is only a 15-minute drive from Kagoshima Airport, you can still immerse yourself in nature.

The five onsite villas, Tenku, Akane sasu oka, Keirin no ame, Hanachiru sato, and Tsubabe no su, are equipped with an open-air hot spring bath and showers that flow 100% directly from the Minami Kirishima Hot Spring source, all on an unobstructed, spacious wooden deck.
Visitors are promised a stay in a private space where they will not notice the presence of any other villas.

In Tsubame no su, one of the villas for day-trip stays, shown in the video from 0:35, you can enjoy strolling in the woods and eating delicious food.
The video also introduces Hanachiru sato, another day-trip villa, at 0:49.
Please note that there is no large shared bathing area due to the privacy of the villas.

From 1:23, one of villas for overnight stays, Akane sasu oka, is introduced. All facilities are made of wood from the forest of this resort’s premises and are characterized by their spaciousness.
The wooden deck is an extraordinary space where you can take off your yukata and spend the evening, free of the burden of clothes, enjoying the starry sky. 1:49).

You can also enjoy activities such as picnics, river rafting, and helicopter rides.
Every villa comes complete with various amenities as well.

Dining at Tenkunomori

As you can see from the video (0:26), almost all ingredients used at Tenkunomori are organically grown.

You can enjoy locally raised Satsuma chicken, sweetfish, and Okuma beef.
Experience a stay that will refresh your body and mind.

Summary of Minami Kirishima Hot spring's Tenkunomori in Kagoshima Prefecture

As you can see from this video, Tenkunomori is a great place to relax and leave the worries of your day to day routine behind.
The stunning views from the villa are certainly Instagram-worthy, but we suggest turning off your phone and spending your time savoring the amazing scenery.
You can also enjoy a concert while bathing your feet in the Ishizaka river stream, or enjoying beauty salon treatments.

Here in Kirishima, there are many tourists spots for you to visit: “Kirishima Jingu,” “ Kirishima Hot spring village,” “Shiroyama Observation Deck,” “ Kirishima Art Forest,” “Kirishima Kogen Mahoroba no Sato,” “Maruo Fall,” “Takashihonomine” and “Kirishima Hot Spring Ichiba”.
If you want to forget about your daily life and enjoy beautiful views in Japan, be sure to check out the video and get a feel for the true beauty of Tenkunomori.
The cheapest plan is from 150,000 yen (~$1,400 USD) per person, per night at Tenkunomori.

Tenkunomori is very popular among VIPs around the world, so booking a reservation at this facility is quite difficult.
If you're interested in visiting after watching the video, be sure to check out online travel sites as well as the official web site.

【Official Website】TENKU - TENKU NO MORI - Resort in Kagoshima, Japan

◆Introduction of Tenkunomori " of Minami Kirishima Hot spring in Kagoshima Prefecture◆
【Address】3389 Kurakota, Kakushima-cho, Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima 899-6507, Japan 
【Access】About 15 minutes from Kagoshima Airport by car


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A Luxurious Holiday at Minami Kirishima Hot Spring’s “Tenkunomori.
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