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Wakura Onsen Tadaya, Ishikawa Prefecture

This is a promotion video for the long-established Japanese inn Tadaya produced by Tadaya.
Wakura Onsen is on the Noto peninsula in the Hokuriku region of Japan, and is one of the largest hot spring districts in Hokuriku.
The elegant 1200-year-old hot spring district is an ideal tourist destination to rid yourself of fatigue.
If you set out on a trip to Noto, enjoy a luxurious stay at Tadaya – a historic hot spring inn since 1885.

Wakura Onsen Tataya is a popular hotel and ryokan on review and comparison sites, that offers the finest in hospitality service.
Just watching the video you'll feel as though you've stayed at Wakura Onsen Tadaya by watching the video.

Savor the Japanese Atmosphere of Wakura Onsen Tadaya's Open-Air Baths

Secretly gaining popularity as a hidden gem at Wakura Onsen in Ishikawa, Tadaya is a historic spot which used to be managed by a daughter of Nabeshima Naotora, a feudal lord of the Saga Domain.
The main attraction of Wakura Onsen Tadaya is the open-air bath where guests can bathe while viewing the spectacular ocean landscape of Noto.
The footage of a lady bathing in the hot springs while looking out at the vast ocean (2:11) really makes you want to stay at Tadaya.

Relaxing in a Japanese style room while wearing a yukata after bathing in the hot springs and enjoying the beautiful scenery is an exquisite experience unique to Japanese inns.
The inn is fully equipped with amenities and the hot spring is also available to those looking for day trips as well.
The large public bath available for a quick rest is a real treat for those on a quick schedule.

How to Spend Your Time at Wakura Onsen Tadaya

After fully enjoying the spa, you're probably looking forward to some great tasting food.
The food at Wakura Onsen Tadaya is exquisite Japanese cuisine, using carefully selected ingredients from Noto.

Surprisingly, visitors can enjoy fishing at the pier and even from the Rikyu royal suite.
The chefs at the inn will even cook meals using your fresh catches!
We definitely recommend trying the fishing from the Rikyu royal suite.
Visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the sun setting over the Sea of Japan from the Tadaya lobby.
The inn has facilities such as a karaoke salon, bar lounge, and a souvenir shop, and visitors can enjoy their stay however they please.
The footage of the meals starts from 2:26 in the video. Drinking Japanese sake with fresh seafood is an experience fit for royalty.

More Ways to Enjoy Wakura Onsen Tadaya

This video shows rare footage of the staff at Wakura Onsen Tadaya as they work.
You can get a sneak peek at the staff preparing and cleaning the kitchen, taking reservations, serving customers, and providing the best possible hospitality to its guests.

When you visit Wakura Onsen Tadaya, you can also enjoy these popular tourist spots:
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Summary of the Elegant Japanese Inn, Wakura Onsen Tadaya

As you can see in the video, Wakura Onsen Tadaya is a lovely Japanese inn with top-notch hospitality.
Be sure to watch the video to experience what staying at Wakura Onsen Tadaya is like.

If you're making a trip to Noto, we highly recommend staying at Tadaya. It's an experience that you won't find in many other parts of Japan.
Rates for lodging vary by season, so please check the official website and travel sites before booking.

◆Wakura Onsen Tadaya◆
【Address】Wakura Onsen Tadaya, Nanao City, Ishikawa 926-0174
【Access】Approximately 50 minutes by car from Noto Airport, free courtesy bus service from Wakura Onsen Station (reservation required)
【Parking】Available (for 100 cars)
【Phone number】(+81) 0767-62-3434

【Tripadvisor】 Wakura Onsen Tadaya

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