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About the Video Introducing the Ryotei Ryokan TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI

This video, titled "Discover TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI" (料亭旅館竹千代霧島別邸イメージ), was uploaded by "GROUP Nisikawa."
It introduces the ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI in Kirishima, Kagoshima, in Japan's Kyushu Region.

In this article, we'll introduce the charms of TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI, as well as lodging information, and nearby tourist information.
The traditional Japanese restaurant and restaurant TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI is highly rated on review and comparison sites for its superb hospitality services.

Be sure to enjoy the video of this wonderful ryokan, with its sukiya-zukuri guest rooms and open-air baths surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy the hot springs of the Kirishima Mountain Range.

TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI – A Traditional Japanese Restaurant and Ryokan

Image of Kirishima Hot Spring Village
Photo:Kirishima Hot Spring Village

TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI is a traditional Japanese restaurant and inn located in the Kirishima Hot Spring Village, which springs up at the foot of the Kirishima Mountain Range.
Kirishima Onsen is a popular hot spring resort with footbaths, drinking fountains, day trip hot springs, and many hotels and ryokan.

Since the discovery of the hot spring in 1714, the TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI, a traditional Japanese restaurant and ryokan which is also listed in the "Onsen Banzuke," (a list of the best hot springs in Japan), is a hot spring inn with a long history. When the hot spring was first discovered, it was called Satsuma Io-sen (Satsuma Sulfur Springs).
The source of the hot spring is Kirishima Jingu Shrine, located at the foot of Mt. Takachiho in the Kirishima Mountain Range.

The traditional Japanese restaurant and ryokan TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI also offers sophisticated cuisine that carries on the name of the long-established ryokan in Kagoshima.
The dishes made using "Shokusai Bizen," a culinary technique that highlights the seasonal ingredients of Kirishima, are introduced at 1:01 in the video.


The guest rooms at the traditional Japanese restaurant and ryokan TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI are spacious Japanese-style rooms.
The rooms on the first floor also feature beautiful Japanese gardens and open-air baths.

Reviews on the Internet even describe how wonderful the baths are, with guests also mentioning how they could see the beautiful starry night sky as well! The food and the hospitality were naturally well received as well.
The open-air baths in the rooms are introduced at 0:45 in the video.


Image of Mt. Takachiho, Kagoshima
Photo:Mt. Takachiho, Kagoshima

In Kirishima, a place overflowing with nature, you'll find Mt. Karakuni, the tallest mountain in the Kirishima Mountain Range, and Mt. Takachiho.
There are also golf courses at the Takachiho Country Club (高千穂カントリー俱楽部), Lake Fudoike (不動池) with its beautiful azure glow, Kirishima Open Air Museum (霧島アートの森), an outdoor art museum, and Takachiho Farm, where you can experience horseback riding and cow milking.
You can also enjoy souvenirs of local products such as black vinegar, black pork, and shochu.


As you can see in the video, TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI offers you a relaxing stay at a place where you can enjoy the hot springs of Kirishima Onsen, as well as delicious, traditional Japanese cuisine.

The accommodation plans and rates vary by season and room, so be sure to check travel websites and the official website before making your reservation.
There is also a "wedding plan" that combines a wedding ceremony at Kirishima Shrine with a celebratory dinner.
Consider TAKECHIYO KIRISHIMA BETTEI for your next vacation!


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