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Introducing 'Grandia Housen' at Awara Onsen in Fukui Prefecture

This video, titled "Grandia Housen" (グランディア芳泉), is a PR video for Awara Onsen's 'Grandia Housen' in Fukui prefecture, in the Hokuriku region of Japan.
Awara Onsen is located in an Onsen district near the famous tourist spots Tojinbo Cliffs (東尋坊) and Oshima island (雄島) (2:44).
Enjoy a relaxing time at the popular inn that has high ratings on hotel review and comparison websites.

Watch the video and enjoy the atmosphere of Awara Onsen's 'Grandia Housen,' in Fukui prefecture.

About Grandia Housen

If you are staying at Grandia Housen in Fukui, you might as well enjoy the finest onsen there.

At Grandia Housen, you can enjoy a variety of hot springs, including the large footbath "Tenjo-no-SPA," a large Japanese cypress bath, the lie-down bath bath "Neyu," an open-air bath, Tsuki-no-Yu (a moon bath), and Hoshi no Yu.
There is also a footbath called 'Ashigaru-no-Yu.' The baths can be enjoyed at your leisure, making it a great place to relax and unwind.

The springs are alkaline simple hot springs (a low tonicity alkaline low hot spring), and they are effective against neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive tract disease, hemorrhoids, and cold sensitivity, and they aid in recovery from injury, recovery from fatigue, and improve health.

Guest Rooms at Grandia Housen

When staying at a luxury Japanese ryokan such as this, you'll want to be sure to choose the room that's right for you, such as one with an open-air bath in the garden.
You have choices between a suite room with an outdoor onsen, the resort style wing Yutorogi-tei (0:55), or the Annex, Kotobuki-Tei (1:06). Choose the one that suits your style, so you can enjoy your stay to the utmost.

You'll also find Japanese-style rooms, barrier-free rooms, and maisonette rooms with Jacuzzi baths. You can rest assured that they'll provide all of the amenities you require.

Food at Grandia Housen

You can enjoy excellent Japanese cuisine at the restaurants 'Yuzen' and 'Kinokura' at Grandia Housen. Enjoy local Echizen crab, Yuzen-kaiseki and Housen-kaiseki, Kaiseki course dishes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients. Their breakfast buffet is also a must-try.

There are other facilities, including a banquet hall, conference rooms, a wedding hall, a Karaoke room, a Mah-jong Room, and more. We also recommend having an evening meal at 'Umaimon-dokoro Echizen.'
Guests can enjoy cooking their own "onsen egg" for free at 'Yutorogi Tamago Boiled Egg' as well.
At 'Grandia Housen' there's plenty of facilities for you to enjoy however you wish.

You can enjoy the moon viewing platform and lounge "Kangetsu" with a view of the Japanese garden, and the 200kg feng shui ball, which is said to improve your luck.

Summary of Grandia Housen

If you're planning on visiting the Awara Onsen area in Fukui Prefecture, you should definitely stop by Mikuniminato and Onsen-Yatai Village Yukemuri-yokocho. The first Echizen crab auction of the year (2:58) and the Awara Yukake festival are also held here. In addition, you can enjoy the Echizen Matsushima Aquarium, Maruoka castle, Roadside Station Mikuni, Angel Land Fukui, Mikui-Minatomachi, Shibamasa World, and a day trip to hot spring facilities in and around Awara Onsen.

If you're thinking of going sightseeing in Hokuriku, definitely stay at Grandia Housen.
Prices vary by season and plan, so please check the official website or travel websites for more information.

◆Awara Onsen, Grandia Housen Facility information◆
【Address】43-26 Funatsu, Awara, Fukui 910-4193, Japan
【Access】15 minutes by car from Kanatasu IC and 10 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Awara Onsen Station.
【Parking】Available. Limited to 300 cars
【Telephone No】0776-77-2555

【Official Website】Awara Onsen, Grandia Housen

【Tripadvisor】Grandia Housen

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