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Ureshino Onsen Hot Springs, Taishoya Shiibasanso

‘Ureshino Onsen Hot Spring Shiibasanso 2012 PV’ (嬉野温泉 椎葉山荘 2012 PV), presents the superb views and excellent services of Taishoya Shiibasanso. It is a Japanese Ryokan inn located in Ureshino Onsen.
Ureshino Onsen is kind of like a secret tourist spot tucked away in the mountains of Ureshino City in Saga Prefecture, Kyoshu Island.

The area boasts Onsen facilities listed as one of three famous beauty hot springs in Japan. On top of this, the area has clear clean rivers where fireflies gather. You can forget about the world around you and just relax.
Within this relaxing area, Taishoya is our recommendation. It was established in the Taisho Period (1912~1926) and has a long history. Here, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a mountain village.

Ureshino Onsen Shiibasanso is a popular ryokan inn due to its warm welcome and services, and it's rated high on hotel and ryokan review and comparison sites.
This video shows all the appealing points of Ureshino Onsen Shiibasanso.
Please enjoy!

Open-Air Baths at Ureshino Onsen

Rotenburo (open-air baths) and the large bathing areas at Taishoya Shiibasanso are shown from 0:10 in the video. The onsen's hot water will heal your body and mind.
In addition to baths such as Shikinoyu, with water flowing directly from the hot spring source, Shiibanoyu, and Yamanoyu, the rooms are equipped with their own baths as well.
You can also use the hot springs bathing facilities on a day pass. Amenities are provided as well, so there's no need to worry about bringing your own.

Ureshino Onsen is an alkaline hot spring (Sodium hydrogen carbonate spring) and is effective against nerve pains, muscle pains, joint pains, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, the hardening of joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, excessive sensitivity to cold, and also aids in post-illness recovery, recovery from fatigue, and promotes health as well.

How to Enjoy the Facilities of Ureshino Onsen

When visiting a Japanese ryokan, you can look forward to Japanese cuisine like the dish shown at 0:41 in the video.
After taking a bath in the hot springs at Ureshino Onsen Taishoya Shiibasanso, change into a Yukata bathrobe and enjoy some fine dining.

Taishoya Shiibasanso has a famous restaurant, and it was listed in the Michelin Guide in 2019.
You can enjoy delicious buffet or Kaiseki style traditional Japanese meals including Saga beef.
At Taishoya, you can eat at the Yudofuhonpo Tofu Restaurant, Restaurant Yamaboushi, Restaurant Shiiba, and the Private Room Kohaku for groups.

Beautiful views of ryokan are shown from 2:01 in the video.
Rooms at Taishoya Shiibasanso are Japanese style. You can even enjoy the nature of the mountain village just by relaxing in your rooml.
There are annex rooms, maisonette-type rooms and barrier-free rooms as well.
Room rates vary by season and plan. Be sure to visit the official website and travel websites to check prices before booking. Have a wonderful trip!

Summary of Ureshino Onsen

Image of Scenery at Ureshino Onsen
Photo:Scenery at Ureshino Onsen

In the Ureshino area of Saga Prefecture, you will find many natural, Instagram-worthy landmarks, relaxing open-air baths, and Japanese ryokan where you can enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine.
Among these wonderful places, Taishoya Shiibasanso, shown in the video, is an excellent place to experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere.
This popular inn offers barrier-free facilities and is perfect for both children and adults.

There are also many popular sightseeing spots in the Ureshino Onsen area.
They include Siebold’s Foot Bath (シーボルトの足湯 Sieborutono Ashiyu), Siebold’s Bath (シーボルトの湯 Sieborutono Yu), Tateiwa Observation Deck (立岩展望台 Tateiwa Tenbodai), Hirokora Camp Site (広川原キャンプ場 Hirokora Campujo), Hizen Yoshida Pottery Museum (肥前吉田焼窯元会館 Hizen Yoshidayaki kamamoto Kikan), Miyuki Park (みゆき公園 Miyuki Koen), Toyotamahime Shrine (豊玉姫神社 Toyotamahime Jinja, Zuikoji Temple (瑞光寺 Zuikoji), Todoroki Falls (轟の滝 Todorokinotaki) and Daichaju Tea Tree (大茶樹 Daichaju).
These tourist attractions can be easily accessed when staying at Ureshino Onsen Taishoya Shiibasanso.
Of course, these are just a few suggestions. Feel free to enjoy your stay at Ureshino Onsen Taishoya Shiiba Sanso however you please.

If you would like to spend a relaxing time in an extraordinary space, be sure to watch the video and check out some review sites. Plan your trip to Ureshino Onsen!

◆Ureshino Onsen Taishoya Shiibasanso◆
【Address】1586 Aza Shiibaotsu Iwaya-Kawachi, Ureshino Town, Ureshino City
【Access】30 minutes by bus from JR Takeo Onsen Station. 5 minutes by shuttle bus from the bus terminal
【Parking】Free parking spaces (up to 100 vehicles).
【Telephone No】0954-42-3600

【Official Website】Ureshino Onsen Ryokan Taishoya Staishoya Ureshino shiibasanso/Serenity in nature

【Official Website】Ureshino Onsen Tourism Association Ureshino Onsen Nohoho-n Information Bureau

【Tripadviser】Ureshino Onsen Hot Spring

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