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"Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu" in Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi Prefecture

Produced by “MDK TV”, this video is titled "The luxury inn at Isawa Onsen, in Yamanashi Prefecture, Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu"(山梨県石和温泉の高級旅館 銘石の宿 かげつ - -), and it is an introductory video for Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu.

"Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu" is popular on hotel review websites and so on because it offers the best hospitality services available.
Access is about 10 minutes by car from Ichinomiya Misaka IC on the Chuo Expressway, and about 5 minutes by train from Isawa Onsen Station on the JR Chuo Line.
There is also a shuttle bus from the station.

This article, along with the video, introduces the appeal of the luxury inn "Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu", which has been selected as one of the top 100 inns in Yamanashi Prefecture for 34 consecutive years.
The video introduces a beautiful Japanese garden and delicious Kaiseki cuisine, so we recommend checking it out.

Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu

Located in Fuefuki City (笛吹市, Fuefuki shi), Yamanashi Prefecture, Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu was established in 1906 (Meiji 39) and is a long-established inn loved by various artists and cultural figures.
It is easily accessible from Tokyo and is very popular as a hotel for travel and sightseeing.

One of the highlights of the “Stone of Monument Inn - Kagetsu” is the Japanese garden, where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal views.
The 5,000 tsubo (traditional unit of land area, approx. 3.31 square meters) site has been completed over several decades with the artificial hill, built with stones collected from all over the country, and top-class landscaping techniques.
Your heart will be healed by the beautiful garden with a pure Japanese atmosphere.
In the garden, you can also watch the Nishikigoi as the swim through the pond. It is very relaxing.
Since it is a photo-friendly spot, you can have fun taking commemorative photos for Instagram and feeding the koi.

At 0:30 in the video, you can see the aerial footage of the Japanese garden by drone.
What's more, the garden of Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu was the first Japanese garden that used 3D projection mapping in a Japanese hot spring.
This beautiful scenery that blends modern technology with Japanese traditions, can be found at 0:58 in the video.

The In-House Facilities of Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu

"Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu" has many facilities that can heal both mind and body.
Please use the 24 hour large open-air bath where you can relax in the hot springs while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
The springs can be seen at 0:54 in the video.

If you're looking for some luxury, you can enjoy the hot springs in the open-air baths.
You can also receive aromatherapy and try the aroma salon as well.
After enjoying the hot springs, relax in the rest area, coffee lounge, mahjong room, or Club Stone where you can enjoy karaoke.

There is also a garden pool, so you can feel the full resort experience.
There are also stalls for buying souvenirs such as Koshu Inden, Kikyo Shingen Mochi, and Koshu Wine, all which make great gifts or personal treats.
There is also a banquet hall available for corporate meetings and company trips.
There's a little bit of everything at Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu, so take your time and relax how you want to.

Guest Rooms and Accommodation Information for Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu

Located in the Isawa Onsen village, Stone Monument Inn – Kagetsu offers beautiful Japanese-style rooms overlooking the Japanese garden.
Kagetsu's accommodations are divided into the Central Hall, South Hall, East Hall, West Hall, and Back Hall, and each room has a different atmosphere.
Amenities are also available, so there's no need to bring your own.

When you stay, there are various plans for families and couples, so you can choose the plan you like.
Please check the travel site and official website, as the room rates for hotel reservations vary depending on the season, room, plan, and tour.
There is also a day plan to enjoy lunch and relax at the hot springs.

Dining at Stone Monument Inn – Kagetsu

The prestigious inn in Yamanashi Prefecture, Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu, offers excellent meals such as kaiseki (a traditional Japanese meal brought in courses) and seasonal dishes as well.

At the restaurant "Togentei," the head chef puts his heart into his cuisine to create beautiful, delicious gourmet dishes.
Specially made with Koshu beef that melts in your mouth.
This can be seen from 0:45 of the video.

Sightseeing Around Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu

Image of Fuefuki Togenkyo
Photo:Fuefuki Togenkyo

There are various sightseeing spots around Isawa Onsen in Fuefuki, where Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu is located.
Fuefuki Togenkyo where peach blossoms bloom, Mars Yamanashi Winery where you can enjoy Koshu wine, Lumiere Winery and Monde Brewery, Prefectural Museum Kajiam, Shakado Archaeological Museum, Satono Station Ichinomiya, which has many souvenirs, and Misaka Toge, where you can enjoy superb views of Mt.Fuji.
Be sure to check them out if you're planning on making a trip to Kagetsu, and don't forget to taste local specialties such as "hoto" while you're at it.

Summary of Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu

The video about “Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu, a luxury inn at Isawa Onsen in Yamanashi Prefecture, was created by "MDK TV."

If you want to stay at a luxury inn with one of Japan's most amazing hot springs, be sure to watch the video and experience the splendor of the famous Stone Monument Inn - Kagetsu.
Experience a healing experience at Stone Monument Inn – Kagetsu; the luxury inn where you can experience hot springs, a Japanese garden, sublime cuisine, and more.

Stone Monument Inn - Kagatsu
【Address】385 Kawanakajima, Isawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture 406-0024
【Access】About 10 minutes from Chuo Expressway Ichinomiya Misaka IC / 5 minutes by car from JR Chuo Toku, Isawa Onsen Station
【Parking】Available. About 70 units.
【Telephone No】055-262-4526

【Official Website】 Luxury Inn of Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi Prefecture

【Tripadvisor】 Stone Monument Inn – Kagetsu

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