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Video About the Seto Inland Sea Cruise Ship, GUNTU

“Seto Inland Sea Cruise ship's GUNTU(瀬戸内海 客船旅館 ガンツウ | Seto Inland Sea Cruise ships GUNTU)” is created by “HIGH RESOLUTION TOUR” and it introduces attractions of the small floating hotel, GUNTU.

GUNTU became famous through Georgia’s commercial and reviews.
It has high reviews that refer to it as gorgeous and people can spend a wonderful time here.
It has great reviews on travel comparison sites as well.

In this article, attractions of GUNTU are introduced.
By watching this video, you'll want to go sightseeing on GUNTU and enjoy beautiful food and hot springs while looking out at the Seto Inland Sea.

What Is GUNTU?

GUNTU is a small hotel and a cruise ship with 19 hotel rooms, that depart and arrive at Bellavista Marina.
It was designed by architect Yasushi Horibe and the wood keeps the inboard facilities warm.
You can check it out from 0:21 in the video.

GUNTU came from the name of a blue small crab, Guntu. It is not as famous as the Japanese blue crab, but it gives nice broth and the local people love it.
The cruise ship was named after this crab, so that local people would love it too.

There are one night, two night, and three night cruises.
Different kinds of routes exist as well.
For example, the west circuit goes around Miyajima which is a World Heritage site, and the east circuit goes around Naoshima and Inujima. There are central circuit and special circuit too. At a port of call, you can enjoy activities and sightseeing outboard.

Many people enjoy a special time at GUNTU.
But there are cases where routes, times, and activities are changed, due to weather.

How to Spend Your Time on GUNTU

There's a hotel room where you can relax, as well as the "Guntu Suite" located at the bow of the ship, and a beautiful view can be seen from the room.
There are other rooms as well, such as the grand suite which has a large window and terrace suite with an outside bath.

There are other places where you can relax and enjoy as well.
The observation deck where you can see the Seto Inland Sea, the bath and sauna where you can feel the warmth of the ship's architecture, and the balcony where you can be calm and enjoy a nice elevated area, are all places we recommend.
Also, there is a spa, gym, bar, lounge, shop and different kinds of massages as well.
Amenities are available as well.

Food on GUNTU

GUNTU provides delicious Japanese and western food. All of the food is supervised by Shigeyoshi Sato, who is a chef at “Shigeyoshi.” Cuisine of the Seto Inland Sea is used, and the meals fascinate passengers.

As you can see from 0:38 in the video, there is a sushi restaurant and fresh seafood can be enjoyed at the counter.
The Japanese sweets are amazing as well, and they are made in front of the passengers.
You must try these when you stay on the GUNTU.


The “Seto Inland Sea Cruise ships' GUNTU” created by “HIGH RESOLUTION TOUR” is an introductory video of the luxury cruise ship GUNTU.
Japan has gorgeous and luxurious cruise ships.
Watch the video and feel luxury.

It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely a trip you won't forget.

◆GUNTU Information◆
【Address】depart and arrival: 1344-2 Oobiraki Urasakicho Onomichishi, Hiroshima 720-0551, JAPAN
【Address】40 minute car ride from JR Fukuyama Station, 50 minute car ride from Onomichi Station.
【Telephone No】0120-873-333 

【Official Website】GUNTU

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