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This video, titled "Sea Log of the Floating Hotel, Guntû. An in-Depth Report on the Interior, Guest Rooms, and Meals" (海の上の旅館guntû(ガンツウ)乗船記?船内、客室、食事徹底レポート), was released by "おのだ/Onoda."

Guntû is a luxury cruise ship operated by Setouchi Cruise Lines, based on the concept of "a small inn floating on the Seto Inland Sea."
Guntû is the nickname for the small blue Asian paddle crab found in the Setouchi area.

When you think of a luxury liner, most people tend to think of a large ship, but the Guntû is a small boa, at just 81.2 meters long and 13.75 meters wide.
It has a total of 19 cabins with a capacity of 38 passengers.
It's a tourist boat for the wealthy, with prices starting at ¥400,000 per night for two people.

The video introduces the interior furnishings, which are carefully designed using products from the Seto Inland Sea coast, as well as the onboard facilities and amenities.
The food is also very particular, with a focus on carefully selected local ingredients.
You can enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine, sushi, and sweets.

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