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The Sagano Romantic Train Running Between Sagano, Kyoto and Kameoka

This video, titled "Sagano Romantic Train [4K] Feel the Pale Pink of Spring on the Sagano Romantic Train" (嵯峨野観光鉄道【4K】薄桃色の春を散らしながら走るトロッコ列車), was created by "eo official."
It introduces the Sagano Romantic Train that runs through the beautiful cherry blossom of Hozukyo, Kyoto.

The Sagano Romantic Train is a small, simple, red and black sightseeing train that runs at a speed of about 25 km/h.
Because it moves slow, you can enjoy the seasonal views along the Hozu River (保津川, Hozugawa) making it one of the most popular tourist spots in Kyoto.

In this article, we'll introduce the history of the Sagano Romantic Train, as well as tourist information, alongside the video.
Before reading on, we recommend taking a look at the beautiful, windowless, open carriage Sagano Romantic Train "Sagano Rich" that runs through Hozukyo Gorge in spring.

What is the Sagano Romantic Train?

Image of the Sagano Romantic Train, Arashiyama, Kyoto
Photo:The Sagano Romantic Train, Arashiyama, Kyoto

The Sagano Romantic Train was opened in 1991 after the JR Sanin Line, which was no longer in use, was converted to a double track.
Since then, it has been a popular sightseeing train in Kyoto, where you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Hozu River valley in all four seasons, including cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and winter scenery, as well as the unusual rocks of the Hozu River, such as Magoroku Rock, Lion Rock and Frog Rock.

Sagano Romantic Train "Sagano Rich," an open carriage with no windows, is especially popular because the seats are made of wooden chairs, and you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the train car and the surrounding scenery while feeling the breeze.
You can see the inside of the train at 1:00 in the video.

Recommended sightseeing course of Sagano Torokko train

Image of Togetsukyo Bridge, Arashiyama, Kyoto
Photo:Togetsukyo Bridge, Arashiyama, Kyoto

The Sagano Romantic Train runs from Saga Torokko Station to Kameoka Torokko Station, with Hozukyo Torokko Station and Arashiyama Torokko Station along the way.
JR Sugano Station and Saga Torokko Station are next to one other, so we recommend getting on a train to Kameoka Torokko Station and going back on the Hozu River boat ride and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Oi River, Togetsukyo Bridge, and Arashiyama.

The standard fare for the Sagano Romantic Train is ¥630 for adults, regardless of route.
The trains are closed during the winter season from December 30 to the end of February and on Wednesdays.
You can book a ticket online, at stations, and at travel agencies.
Reservations can be checked online, and same-day tickets are also available.
For the latest information and timetables, please check the official website.
A railway diorama and steam locomotive D51 are exhibited at SL square at Saga Torokko Station.
In addition, original goods of the trains, etc. are sold at the station shop. These make the perfect souvenirs.

What is the best time to see and see cherry blossoms in Hozukyo from Sagano Torokko train?

"There are about 700 cherry blossoms along the Sagano Torokko train line, and you can enjoy fireworks for about 25 minutes along with the view of Hozugawa River from the train."

I recommend Sakura Tunnel from the first car, and you can also feel like a driver.Especially, you must see the Sakura Tunnel in front of Torokko Kameoka Station.

The best time to see cherry blossoms in Hozukyo from the Sagano Torokko train is usually from late March to early April.It seems that it was in full bloom around March 25th in 2023.

On the official website of Sagano Torokko train, there is also a "Sakura Map" with highlights written on it, and on SNS, there are announcements such as blooming conditions and special trains running through the illuminated Sakura Tunnel."

Summary of the Sagano Romantic Train

Image of a heritage railway
Photo:A heritage railway

"Sagano Romantic Train [4K] Feel the Pale Pink of Spring on the Sagano Romantic Train," introduces the Sagano Romantic Train that runs through the beautiful cherry blossoms of Hozukyo, Kyoto. If you're in the area, be sure to visit Kyoto and take a ride on the amazing sightseeing locomotives!

【Official Website】Sagano Romantic Train

【Tripadvisor】Hozukyo Gorge

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