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Jetfoil SUISEI Is a Convenient Boat for Sightseeing at Remote Islands

This video, created by ‘Sado Steam Ship Official Channel,’ is titled ‘[Drone Footage] Jetfoil SUISEI departing from Ryotsu Port (両津港, Ryotsu-Ko)]’.
Sado Island (佐渡島, Sadogashima) floats off the coast of Japan's Hokuriku Region (北陸地方, Hokuriku-Chiho) in the Sea of Japan.
Sado Steam Ship (Sado Kisen), an important means of transportation to Sado Island, serves its customers with Jetfoil SUISEI, the ultimate high-speed ferry with aerospace technology.
No one gets dizzy aboard Jetfoil SUISEI!

This article is about the drone footage of marvelous Jetfoil SUISEI of Sado Steam Ship.
Can you believe such a large ship can glide through the waves so easily?
You won't be able to take your eyes off wave-cutting wonder!

Sado Steam Ship Is the First Option for Tourists to Sado Island!

Image of Sado Steam Ship Ryotsu Port, Scenery from the Boat
Photo:Sado Steam Ship Ryotsu Port,Scenery from the boat

Sado Island is located miles away from the coastline of Niigata Prefecture (新潟県, Niigata-Ken) in the Sea of Japan.
Sado Steam Ship will take you directly from Niigata Port (新潟港, Niigata-Ko) in Niigata Prefecture to Ryotsu Port in Sadogashima.
In addition to Jetfoil SUISEN, Tokiwamaru and Okesamaru, 2 other ferries, are in service on this route.
Jetfoil more than halves the conventional trip of 2.5 hours by car ferry to an astonishing 1 hour 5 minutes!

Similarly, AKANE, another high-speed ferry of Sado Steam Ship, serves the route between Naoetsu Port (直江津港, Naoetsu-Ko) in Joetsu City (上越市, Joetsu-Shi), Niigata Prefecture and Ogi Port (小木港, Ogi-Ko) in Sadogashima.

What Exactly is Jetfoil SUISEI?

Image of cruising
Photo:The Sea

Jetfoil SUISEI, operated by Sado Steam Ship, started its service in 1991.
Its distinct characteristic is its maximum travel speed of 80km/h. Its waterjet pump, powered by a gas turbine engine, fires high-pressure water to make it hover and propel it through the water.

It is also called "Plane of the Seas" because the lift of the hydrofoils in the front and back of the hull allows it to rise to the surface of the sea and navigate at high speed.
In the video, the vessel starts floating from around 2:40.
Watching the clip, the high standard of Japanese technology is sure to impress you.

How to Enjoy the Voyage on Jetfoil SUISEI

Image of Sotokaifu from the Sea
Photo:Sotokaifu from the Sea

The experience starts right when you board the boat and set sail. The footage, from 0:14, captures the embarking vessel.

The cozy seats onboard will ensure that you are comfortable!
For safety reasons, passengers are required to fasten their seatbelts. But, don't worry! The journey on Jetfoil SUISEI is so steady that you can even take a nap and prepare yourself for the awaiting tourism!

The view from the windows is exceptional too! The panorama of the vast Sea of Japan and the height of the Osado Mountains (大佐渡山脈, Oosado Sanmyaku), including Mt. Kinpoku (金北山, Kinpoku-San) on Sado Island, is a sight to behold.
Get the best possible experience by sitting in a window seat!

The ferry is equipped with a toilet and a nursing room.
It is kept safe with various safety devices, such as the Automatic Control Systems, an echo sounder, a hydrofoil up/down device, a radar, wireless devices, inflatable rescue rafts, life jackets and an automatic firefighting device.

Summary of Jetfoil SUISEI

YouTube screenshot introduced Jetfoil SUISEI, operated by Sado Steam Ship of Japan. A single trip on Jetfoil SUISEI between Niigata Port and Ryotu Port will run you 6,510 Yen (~$60 USD) for adults, and 3,260 Yen for children (as of November 2019).
Cheaper fares are available during events and for tourism packages.

Jefoil SUISEI carries a maximum of 250 passengers.
If seats are available, you can buy a ticket on the spot, but we recommend you buy in advance as crowds are expected.
The latest travel news is posted on the official homepage of Sado Steam Ship.
Are you all set to travel on Jetfoil SUISEI after watching the video?
We hope you can enjoy the full experience of Jetfoil SUISEI during your visit to Japan!

◆About Jetfoil SUISEI◆
【Operator】Sado Steam Ship
【Address】〒952-0014 353, Ryotsu Minato, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
【Routes】Niigata Port – Ryotsu Port, Sado
【Travel Time】About 65 Minutes
【Details/Timetables】5 to 7 services per day. Please check the official homepage for further information.
【Admission Fee】Niigata Port – Ryotsu Port: Adult 6,510 Yen, Child 3,260 Yen (As of November 2019)

【Official Website】Sado Steam Ship

【Official Website】Sado Tourism Navigation – Welcome to Sado, an island of four-seasons and tradition

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The Hovering Vessel, Jetfoil Suisei! The High-Speed Ferry Equipped With Aerospace Technology!
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