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This video, titled "Seikai Maru, domestic freighter, new model, "Seikai Maru," Loading the foremost sub-block (19) - Cutting (13) - Welding (16)" (内航貨物船・松浦新船型 「せいかい丸」 船最前部下ブロック搭載⑲~切り合わせ⑬~溶接作業⑯(55)), was released by "matsuzo001."

In the 80 years since its establishment, Matsuura Shipyard has manufactured a number of ships for railway construction and transport construction support vessels.
In order to increase the number of ships built, the Matsuura Shipyard has adopted the motto "Shipbuilding to satisfy shipowners" by abandoning the mass production method of shortening the construction period at low costs.

They also make detailed recommendations for major equipment to ensure long term operation, and once in service, they make every effort to ensure that there are no dissatisfactions among shipper operators and ship owners.
Located in the center of the Seto Inland Sea and once known as the birthplace of small shipbuilding in Japan, Kie Port is where the company was founded in 1935 as a wooden shipbuilding and repair shop.

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Matsuura Shipyard, Building Ships for 80 Years! Take a Look at the Massive Ships That Are Built With the Utmost Care!
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