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Introductory Video for Toyota's New "i-Road"

In this article we introduce the video "TOYOTA i-ROAD driving around Tokyo!".
The i-ROAD is a futuristic compact vehicle developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation that is attracting attention worldwide.

The sight of the new age, electric-powered i-ROAD swiftly gliding through the streets of Tokyo is truly fascinating.
Please take a look at this new and exciting model in our video!
Throughout the video we will introduce you to the special features and sales strategies of the Toyota i-ROAD.

More About the Toyota i-Road

Since being revealed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, the electric-powered Toyota i-ROAD has gained huge popularity among car fanatics worldwide.
Combining the maneuverability of a bike and comfort of a car, the interior of the compact, two-seater i-ROAD is surprisingly spacious.

The Toyota i-ROAD features sides which can be manually opened and closed, making it comfortable to drive even in rainy conditions, however it is not equipped with air conditioning.
The three-wheel vehicle (two wheels at the front and one at the rear) drives like a motorcycle but with more stability, automatically leaning to maintain balance when turning corners for a safe and secure ride. You can watch the i-ROAD's smooth and stable corner turns from 0:25 in the video.

The Toyota i-ROAD was designed to meet the needs of generations young and old.
From 0:59 in the video, you can watch an interview with an individual who took a test ride in the i-ROAD.

Watch the i-Road Drive Around the Streets of Tokyo!

In this 2-minute long video, you can watch the i-ROAD glide through the streets of Harajuku , Akihabara, Shibuya, the area surrounding Tokyo station, the National Diet Building (国会議事堂, kokkaigijidou), Asakusa, and Odaiba .
You can check out the exhilarating footage of the i-ROAD traveling around all of the famous spots in Tokyo from 0:10 and 1:34 in the video.

After watching this video i'm sure you'll want to take the i-ROAD for a drive yourself!
Unfortunately, the i-ROAD is still a concept car undergoing field trials, and therefore only a small number of models have been produced. A few have been sold to regular customers, however, the majority have been sold to companies and local governments.

How to Drive the i-Road

Since 2015, Toyota has been offering an i-ROAD sharing service and a test drive monitor service.
For those who are hesitant about whether to purchase an i-ROAD or not, we recommend making the most of Toyota's car rental service (which comes at an affordable price), or testing out the comfort and feel of the i-ROAD at an exhibit during the Tokyo Motor Show.
As long as you hold a regular driver's license you will qualify to drive the i-ROAD.
Unfortunately, those who hold a driver's license for a moped or motorcycle license do not qualify.

Toyota i-Road Introductory Video Summary

Image of TOYOTA

This video explains in detail all about the new i-ROAD vehicle which has been developed by Toyota.
Please enjoy watching the i-ROAD with its chic style and eye-catching colors effortlessly gliding through the streets of Tokyo.
In 2017, Toyota released their new model i-TRIL which we highly recommend checking out as well!
Look forward to news of original and exciting micro-car development from Japanese car manufacturers in the near future!

【Official Website】TOYOTA i-ROAD | Toyota Motor Company

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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