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This video, titled "How to paint like a Flames / Fire flame pattern with candy paint ! / カスタムペイント," was released by "warriorz777."
Some car enthusiasts like customizing the body of their car with cool paint jobs.
In the video, the designer "flames," which uses the motif of flames gives a custom paint job with candy paint.

Candy paint is a technique that allows the artist to create a transparent and glossy look like a ball of candy by adjusting the concentration and thickness of the film coating.
The way the luster on the surface changes depending on the amount of light is just like candy itself.
Take a look at the artisan's painting technique, where the shine of the surface is instantly enhanced as he repeatedly applies various colors of paint!

A Custom Paint Job to Make Your Car Unique! These Paint Jobs Are Just as Worthy of Being Called Works of Art as the Finest Ukiyo-e Paintings!
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