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The Heavy Machinery of Modern Japanese Forestry

This video is "cutting with the powerful of heavy machinery(重機の強力なパワーで伐採)" produced by "takao kuboki"

In recent years, it is said that the shortage of people is serious in primary industries, such as forestry.
Forestry in particular is facing the problem of an aging population and lack of successors.
Japanese satoyama (undeveloped woodland near populated area) cannot be grown into a healthy forest unless humans cut down unnecessary/predatory trees.
That's where heavy machinery for cutting down trees comes in.

The power to grab trees and move them around like pencils is amazing.
Enjoy the powerful scenes of Japan's heavy logging machinery.

The Power and Performance of Japan's Heavy Machinery!

The highlights of this video are around 0:54 and 01:28.
A scene in which the tip of the heavy machine arm is dexterously manipulated, and a single tree is grabbed and knocked down with a crash.
It’s only about 20 seconds long, but quite amazing to see.
One tree is felled, creating a cloud of snow.

Unless thinning is performed in this way, sunlight will not reach the ground and these "satoyama" will become unhealthy mountains.
Forestry is a very important industry, as roughly 70% of Japan is covered in forests.
Demand for heavy equipment operators will continue to increase if younger people don't take up the profession.

The Amazing Skills of Japan's Heavy Machinery Operators

Image of Heavy Machinery
Photo:Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery are dedicated vehicles used in civil engineering and construction.
There are cranes, excavators, forklifts, road rollers, bulldozers, aerial platforms, unic (mini crane), digging / rock drilling / boring vehicles, wheel loaders, dump trucks, heavy equipment carriers, and loads more.

Working in the snow from the beginning of this video is a heavy machine equipped with a type of arm called a "baguette"
Heavy equipment is expensive even for used vehicles, and it is difficult for small and medium sized enterprises to buy them. Because of that, many people use rentals or lease them.
The video shows logging in the forest, but small-sized excavators are useful in logging due to slopes and poor scaffolding.

How to Get a Heavy Equipment License in Japan? What Vehicles Are Suitable for Logging?

Image of a Harvester
Photo:A Harvester

Special qualifications (licenses) are required to operate heavy equipment in Japan.
Heavy machinery is highly specialized vehicles used only in specific places. Therefore, qualifications according to the purpose are required.
Here are some of them.

・Operation of vehicle construction equipment for leveling, transportation, loading and excavation.
・ Operation of vehicle construction equipment for foundation work.
・Operation of vehicle construction machinery (for dismantling).
・Operation of a shovel loader.

To operate an excavator, a commonly used vehicle, you need one of the following qualifications: "Vehicle-based construction machine driving skill training" or "Special education on the operation of small vehicle-based construction machinery"

Summary of the Video (The Myths of Heavy Machinery Vehicles in Japan)

Japan's heavy equipment is used in many places around the world.
Many heavy equipment manufacturers, such as Komatsu, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and IHI Construction Machinery, are different from ordinary automobiles, and, they are successful in the world's leading industries.

This video introduces heavy machinery in Japan that cuts down forests in snowy "satoyama."
Enjoy the powerful logging scenes and the craftsmanship of heavy equipment operators who can knock down trees brilliantly even on sites with poor scaffolding.

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Last Updated : Apr. 25, 2022
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Full Power! The Precision of the Heavy Machine Operator Who Manipulates His Harvester So Smoothly It's Like an Extension of His Body.
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