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This video, titled "[Changes in Cargo Handling] Transportation Pallet Work (1958)|Logistics Archives|Nippon Express" (荷役はかわる 通運のパレット作業(1958)|物流アーカイブズ|日本通運), was released by "Nippon Express Official Channel" (日本通運 公式チャンネル).

This video explains about cargo handling in 1958.
For more than a hundred years, cargo handling has been done by hand.
However, this method had many disadvantages, such as the burden on the person carrying it and damage to cargo.
The advent of forklifts, pallets, and roller conveyors changed this old-fashioned cargo handling operation.

By mechanizing and streamlining the process using these devices, the efficiency of cargo handling operations has greatly improved! It has brought about a revolutionary change in cargo handling.
This video shows how cargo loading and unloading has changed, from the old-fashioned loading and unloading of the past, to the mechanization of work today.

[The Times Are Changing] Changes in Work Content Due to Mechanization and Rationalization, and Examples of Work From a Simpler Time
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