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Japan's Road Technicians

This video called "Road marking 4K Version 2018" (2018 道路のライン引き 路面標示施工 4K版). It features road marking technicians making marks on a runway at Aomori Airport.

Watch the amazing skill of these road marking technicians in the video!
You'll be amazed by their efficiency.

Road Work in Japan Wouldn't Be the Same Without 'Em!

Image of Stop road marking
Photo:"Stop" road marking

There are various type of road markings in Japan to maintain safe traffic.
These road markings are necessary to do road work, are used for parking, at construction sites, and also for public works projects.

Almost all road markings in Japan are conducted by an operator with a nationally certified license for road marking.
In this video, a road marking technician makes markings on a road using a line marker in quick, precise fashion.

Not Missing the Mark

Before making marks, operators clean the surface of the road and make an outline of the finished markings.
From there, the operator measures the outer frame of the markings precisely and creates the shape of each character using specialized marking tape made to stick to asphalt.

Next, they operate a machine called a line marker car (road marking and construction machine) to apply the letters to the road.
You can't help but admire their craftsmanship in writing letters in the blink of an eye.
To call it a work of art wouldn't be an exaggeration.

The highlight of this video is the scene where the operator makes complicated character markings such as "降車専用" (Drop-off only) (10:27).
The operator draws beautiful lines over the outline marked with tape.

What Kind of People Are Road Marking Technicians!

Image of Road line drawing machine
Photo:Road line drawing machine

If you check out some Japanese job sites, you'll find some road marking jobs.
However, unless you're a certified technician you aren't qualified to do this job.

Japan's road marks have detailed standards for thickness and size, as well as for the amount of resin in the paint types for road markings.
If you acquire the necessary knowledge and obtain a nationally certified license, you too can do road marking in Japan!

Summary of Japan's Road Marking Technicians

The road marking technicians who line Japan's roads are an important part of keeping Japan's roads safe.

To these licensed technicians, the curvy markings, such as the ones introduced at 13:22, and 14:30 are but simple tasks.
Be sure to watch the video to see their amazing skills!

Next time you're walking down the street or driving your car and you notice some road markings, remember who painted them!

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These Road Technicians Are Quick and Precise! Take a Look at Their Artistic Road Marking!
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