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This video, titled "[Learning Sunday] Robots by Kawasaki Heavy Industries|July 30, 2017 Broadcast" (【モノ知りサンデー】2017年7月30日放送「ロボット」川崎重工業), was released by "Sun Television" (サンテレビ).

It introduces the Kawasaki Museum, a corporate museum of Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, and the robots inside the manufacturing plant.
The museum displays motorcycles, bullet trains, and manufacturing robots.
High-tech robots are used by equipment manufacturers both in Japan and abroad, including in medical and nursing care settings.
The manufacturing process of robots is divided into various processes, with detailed work being done by skilled employees and robots making robots.
Watch the video to see how the robots are made!

All Eyes on Kawasaki Heavy Industries' Manufacturing Robot! What Is This Technologically Advanced, Industrial Robot Used For?
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