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The Cashier "Pepper" by "Pepper"

This video, titled "Pepper for Biz [Cashier for Pepper] Feature Introductory Video" (Pepper for Biz 「レジ for Pepper」 機能紹介ムービー), introduces the functions of "Cashier for Pepper" of "Pepper for Biz." The video was released by SoftBank.

The video shows how Pepper is used to automate tasks, such as customer service, product ordering and accounting in the store.
"Cashier for Pepper" is a solution in which all customer service is handled by a service robot.

What Kind of Robot Is Pepper?

Some of you may have seen Pepper or had conversations with him at smartphone shops or restaurants in Japan.

Pepper is a humanoid robot developed in 2014 that can recognize emotion.
The emotion-recognizing personal robot is powered by an emotion engine and cloud AI, which allows it to make flexible decisions based on the situation.
Pepper performs a series of necessary operations, such as customer service and accounting at stores.

Features of "Cashier for Pepper"

"Cashier for Pepper," shown in the video, is a full-scale, self-checkout system, that performs a series of operations related to product purchases.
Pepper is a service robot that can attract customers, recommend products (with a recommended "Plus One" feature"), select menus, and print order sheets on a tablet all at in one. Some of these features can be seen at 1:13 in the video.

As shown at 1:31 in the video, Pepper also has the ability to select a payment method, allowing customers to pay with an IC card.
Pepper's payment terminal is linked to the POS system, so it can handle a wide range of payment types, including QR payments and electronic money payments.
"Cashier for Pepper" also includes a customer registration with Pepper's facial recognition system, order history check, and inbound functions in Japanese, English, and Chinese.
This is explained at 2:45 in the video.

Summary of "Cashier for Pepper"

In recent years, due to a decline in the number of workers, the shortage of cashiers has become a major problem in Japan.
"Cashier for Pepper" has the potential to be the cashier of the future.
If you'd like to implement "Cashier for Pepper" as a staff member to reinvent your store, you can start by checking out Pepper's features and pricing on their website.

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