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PR Video of Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd

This video titled “Company’s Promotion Video for JAE(日本航空電子工業株式会社・JAE・会社PRビデオ・プロモーションビデオ)” is the one to promote Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd, a manufacturer of electronic components and devices.

There are many companies that manufacture high quality electronic components or devices in Japan. Let's explore the manufacturing technology and corporate philosophy of the Avionics Group, that boasts such advanced technology in the industry.

This video features easy-to-understand information on advanced technologies or production engineering that the JAE group has. By watching this video, you'll get a better understanding of the many technologies incorporated into the electronic devices you use one a daily basis.

What Kind of Company Is JAE?

JAE is an electronic components manufacturer in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The average age of the company's employees is between 30 and 40 years old, and the company uses advanced technology to make a variety of electrical products such as connectors, user interface solutions (e.g. touch panels), motion sensors and controls.

The Highly Advanced Manufacturing of JAE

JAE is involved in the manufacturing of many different types of electronic components not only for small information equipment such as mobile products or connectors, but also for automobiles, bullet trains, and aircrafts.
You can see what kind of products they make in the footage (from 1:08).

They are also engaged in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated electronic parts such as rockets and ocean exploration machines. That being said, JAE is highly contributing to society's infrastructure.

Various Activities That JAE Is Working On

This video clip includes footage (from 5:45) of various activities related to environmental management. JAE promotes environmental conservation activities through afforestation and maintenance of forests to promote environmental management.

In addition, the global network, introduced at 6:12 in the video, is the company's effort to promote development and production at a number of sites both in Japan and overseas.

Summary of JAE's PR Video

As shown at 4:48 in the video, JAE aims to reform manufacturing through the manufacture of precision electronics products.
Their high quality manufacturing, based on overwhelming technological development and production capabilities, will support Japan's future electronic technology.

Through the video, we're shown that the products and vehicles that are now indispensable in our lives are made with the cutting-edge technology of companies like JAE.

◆Company Information of Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited◆
【Address】1-21-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0043
【Access】6 minutes from Shibuya Station off the JR Yamanote line by foot
【Telephone No.】03-3780-2711

【Official Website】Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

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Last Updated : Aug. 8, 2022
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