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About the Funaya of Ine, Kyoto

This tourist promotion video, titled "[Beautiful Japan] Ine Town, Kyoto," was produced by N.a., and shows views of the seaside town of Ine in northern Kyoto.
Located in Kyoto in the Kansai region, Ine is a peaceful area at the northeastern end of the Tango peninsula, facing the Sea of Japan.

People in this town have lived in harmony with the sea by utilizing its gifts.
Fishermen in the town live in houses called “funaya” which can store their boats as you can see at 0:58 in the video.
You can admire the view of the funaya, all in a row, in the video as well. It's not a very common sight, so we definitely recommend taking a look at it.
Enjoy the beautiful landscape created by the funaya and the Sea of Japan!

Information About Ine

Image of Funaya in Ine
Photo:Funaya in Ine

Ine's funaya can store boats and fishing tools on the first floor, making use of age-old wisdom that makes for a smooth and easily accessible fishing excursion.
You can see a fisherman parking his boat in his funaya at 1:39 after a long day of fishing.

The waters of Ine, a port town facing Ine Bay on the Tango Peninsula, are calm and serene. The landscape lined with ancient funaya is very elegant.
The scenery of the boathouses in Ine, that remind us of the history of the fishing town, has been designated as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

Tips for Traveling Around Ine

The Funaya of Ine are best viewed from the shore where the boats are stored.
When you visit Ine, we recommend taking a pleasure boat along the sea side route.

There are old guest houses near the funaya of Ine as well.
Okuineonsen Aburaya, which has an open-air bath with a view, is a popular spot for those who want to enjoy a relaxing time in an outstanding location.
Have a wonderful time staying at the guest houses, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of good old Japan while eating seasonal seafood dishes.

Summary of Ine's Funaya

Image of Ine in Kyoto

Ine, Kyoto is lined with ancient Japanese boat houses that cannot be seen anywhere else. Be sure to keep your camera handy to take some Instagram pics!
If you haven't already, be sure to watch the video; It has some beautiful scenery!

When most people think of sightseeing in Kyoto, they probably think of shrines and temples in the southern part of the Prefecture.
However, there are many attractive tourist destinations on the sea side of Kyoto Prefecture as well.
If you enjoyed the atmosphere of Ine, consider stopping by the sea side at the northern end of Kyoto.
The true beauty of Japan lies outside of its cities.

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Last Updated : Jul. 14, 2021
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The First Floor of the House Is a Dock?! The Historic Port Town of Funaya, Ine in Kyoto Is a Fishing Village Lined With Mysterious Houses! You won't Find Scenery Like This Anywhere Else!
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