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Not Many People Know How Japan’s School Lunches Are Prepared. Today We’re Revealing the Mystery! The Creativity of School Cooks Makes School Lunches Healthy and Delicious! Lunchtime at a Japanese School!
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The 30 Years of the Heisei Era Was a Period of Cell Phone Evolution! Shoulder Phones, Phs, Pagers, Feature Phones, Ringtones, Pix, Etc. Let’s Look Back at the Nostalgic History of Cell Phones.
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Tsuneo Matsuo is a doctor who has examined the large intestine of more than 40,000 people.
He is a specialist when it comes to intestines and has published many books.

Matsuo was one of the first promote "Fermented Cuisine" and "Mediterranean Cuisine" as effective in cultivating a healthy gut, and has proposed the term "Mediterranean-style Japanese Cuisine."
He believes that the secret to longevity lies in certain Japanese and Italian ingredients.
Bu what are these ingredients?
Watch this video to find out and you'll be on your way to cultivating a healthy gut!

From a Bowel Professional Who Has Performed Over 40,000 Colonoscopies! The Secret to the Longevity of the Japanese and Italians Lies in the Natural Ingredients of Their Diets!
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