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An Introduction to 5G

"[Image Movie] Connect Future- A World Connected by 5G-3-minute ver(イメージムービー】Connect future ~5Gでつながる世界~(3 min. ver))", is a published video released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications video channel that introduces the 5G communication line network. The new communication system is expected to change the future.

In the video, you can see a doctor make a remote diagnosis, see a self-driving taxi, and other languages being translated in real time.
It also introduces many other things that will change the world in the future.
In this article we'll introduce 5G and talk about how it could change life as we know it.

What Is 5g?

5G is short for "5th generation" mobile communication system, and it is what all major mobile carriers are starting to promote. It is the next generation mobile communication that will replace the 4G line currently in mainstream use throughout Japan.

As a next-generation communication system, the frequency band uses the 3.6-6 GHz to 28 GHz band, and is adapted to the IoT (Internet of Things) that will carry the future era with functions such as "high speed", "enormous capacity", "simultaneous multi-connection", and "ultra low delay".

With the spread of 5G, you can watch sports on your sunglasses (seen in the beginning of the video), self-driving cars, remote farming with drones like 0:23 in the video, and even tele-medicine.
The unmanned shopping scene that can be seen from 1:03 in the video is the future world that 5G aims for.

What is IoT?

IoT is a mechanism called the "Internet of Things". It is a collective term for all things, such as houses, buildings, cars, and home appliances that connect to the Internet to communicate and share information.

As the IoT advances, a lot of data can be collected efficiently and various things can be done via the Internet with the rapid development of AI.

By combining IoT with the high-speed communication and ultra-low delay of 5G, you can enjoy the scenery of a video in real time as shown at 2:09 in the video. It is also possible to have a session with people in different places and use 3D images like from 2:50. You can truly see the future of technology.

Summary of 5g

Image of network

We briefly introduced the 5G line that will start to become mainstream in the coming era.
Overseas, 5G communication lines are already in use. In Japan, services are scheduled to start sequentially from NTT DOCOMO and au from spring 2020, and compatible smartphones will be sold sequentially.

With the rapid spread of 5G as a communication line and the use of VR and AI in the future, an age of "smart cities" is closer to reality than ever before.

With the arrival of this 5G communication line, it is expected that both life and business will be transformed.
We hope this video has sparked your interest in the future of technology.

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Last Updated : Sep. 28, 2020
鈴木 正孝(Masataka Suzuki)
A writer born and raised in Asakusa, Tokyo who loves traveling and novels

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5G - This 5th Generation Mobile Communication System Will Change Lives. A Dream-Like Future With Autonomous Driving and Tele-Medicine Will Soon Be Reality
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