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Pedaling Made Easy Thanks to "Free Power"

This video, titled "Hill Climbing Made Easy|A Non-Electric Assisted Bicycle (10/18/2019)" (坂道もスイスイ 電動じゃないアシスト自転車とは?(18/10/19)), was produced by "ANNnewsCH." It introduces "Free Power," a power assisted bicycle not powered by electricity!

This article will talk about the revolutionary non-electric power assisted bicycle "Free Power FG-1" (フリーパワーFG-1), that doesn't use motors, batteries, or electricity and costs 1/3 of a normal, electric power assisted bicycle.

From 3:01 in the video, the news anchor can be seen riding the bicycle and seeing what it's like.
She's blurts out how surprised she is saying things like "it doesn’t even feel like you're going up a hill!" Be sure to take a look at the video to see what "Free Power" is capable of!

The Non-Electric, Assisted Bicycle, "Free Power"

In Japan and many other places, the bicycle is a necessary item in daily life, used for going to work or to school, and in Japan, where there's a LOT of hills, you need a lot of physical strength to get around without walking.
For that reason, in recent years, power assisted bicycles have become very popular and the numbers of products being shipped overseas is also on the rise.
In the video, a new type of non-electric assisted bike is shown.

The non-electric assisted bicycle "Free Power" uses the "free power crank gear," with a specialized silicon piece inside, that can be attached to the pedal of the bicycle you are currently using (some bikes may not be compatible).
You can see how to attach the gear at 2:48 in the video.
The way it works is that when you pedal, the silicone absorbs the force and makes it lighter, and due to the repellent force, there is more acceleration. This makes it easier to move forward and reduces energy loss.
The details of the parts of the assist gear are explained at 3:49 in the video.

The Effects and Features of "Free Power"

The effects and features of "Free Power" are as follows:

1. Very easy to start pedaling
2. Easy on joints (knees, ankles, etc.)
3. Able to sustain speed
4. Easy to travel uphill and pedal for long distances
5. Less prone to sore muscles

Free Power was developed by Free Power Inc. and is sold at stores like Cycle Olympic and more.
It's possible to have the assist gear attached at stores where they are sold, and the number of stores that stock them is continuing to increase.
It is a very popular product and is continuously sold out, so be careful not to miss your chance!

Summary of the Non-Electric Assisted Bicycle "Free Power"

Image of A mother and child on an electric-assisted bike
Photo:A mother and child on an electric-assisted bike

"Free Power" provides long term pedaling support without the need to carry a heavy battery and without worrying about running out of charge.

Watching the video "Hill Climbing Made Easy|A Non-Electric Assisted Bicycle (10/18/2019)" you'll probably be surprised at how easy it is to get around.
If you're like many, and find yourself riding your bike for long distances and being worn out, why not give "Free Power" a try?

【Official Website】FREE POWER|Bicycle|Bicycle Repair

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