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How to Style Your Hair With Kanzashi (Japanese Hairpin): Video Introduction

This video, titled "3 Different Hairstyles for Kimono and Yukata Using Kanzashi" (浴衣や着物に使いたい簪(かんざし)の3つの使い方/How to use Kanzashi(chopsticks)/Kimono and Yukata 3 hairstyles.), was uploaded by "hair works &SOL." This video explains how to use kanzashi, Japanese hairpins used in traditional Japanese hairstyles, in an easy-to-understand manner, so that those unfamiliar with kanzashi can easily follow along.

Kanzashi - Cute Hairstyles Without Kimono and Yukata

A kanzashi is a hair ornament that is inserted into hair to maintain one's hair style after it is styled. During the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.), as various hairstyles became popular, different types of hairpins emerged, and they became one of the most popular types of traditional Japanese accessories. They are used as hair ornaments for kimono and yukata, but in recent years, there are many products for everyday use as well.

Common Types of Kanzashi

Image of kanzashi

There are various types of kanzashi, but here we'll introduce three common types.

Tama Kanzashi
This is a simple type of kanzashi with an ear pick and a ball attached to it. The larger the size of the ball, the more suitable the kanzashi is for young people. This type is shown in the video.

Bachi Kanzashi
The bachi type hairpin is called bachi because it resembles the bachi (pick) of a shamisen. Various materials, such as tortoiseshell, pearl, and foil are used for this type of hairpin, which is suitable for people of all ages to wear.

Tsumami-zaiku Kanzashi
This is a kanzashi made by folding cut fabric into small pieces and decorating the base with tweezers, using delicate techniques to create a beautifully flower. This is a hairpin for girls used for Shichi-Go-San and for maiko (apprentice geisha).

Besides these, there are many other types of kanzashi, such as hirauchi kanzashi, hana kanzashi, bira-bira kanzashi, etc.

Yakai-Maki - A Simple Guide to the Japanese-Style Updo!

There are many people want to try an updo but think it's too difficult to do a yakai-maki.
The yakai-maki style using a single kanzashi introduced here is relatively easy. Check out the video and give it a try.
Once you get the hang of it and get used to using a kanzashi, you'll be able to do not only yakai-maki but also half updo styles. You'll be able to expand your hair styles not only for kimono and yukata, but also for everyday use!

[Yakai-maki Using a Kanzashi]
・Comb your hair into a single ponytail
・Wrap your hair around the hairpin once
・Holding the end of your hair in your other hand, turn the hairpin one full turn
・The tip of the hairpin should be at 11 o'clock (If the kanzashi does not turn, loosen the ends of your hair slightly)
・Tilt the hairpin toward the scalp and insert it slowly so that you don't injure yourself
・The key is to adjust it so that the hairpin is not too tight but not too loose

[Video] 0:00 - 1:27 - Styling Yakai-maki with a Kanzashi
The hair length suitable for Yakai-maki is semi-long. A beautiful yakai-maki can be achieved if your hair is from just below the collarbone to about chest level.

Using Kanzashi With a Braided-Style

The braid style has the advantage that the hair is held together tightly, making it easy to insert a kanzashi. It's recommended when you want to create a clean and tidy look.

[Kanzashi With a Braid]
・Tie hair into a single strand with an elastic band.
・Pull out a little hair at the top of the head to create a silhouette.
・Braid the ends of the hair and tie with a hair band, then pull out a little hair from the braided part to create a softer look.
・Insert the tip of the hairpin into the braid, tilt it toward the scalp, and slowly insert it into the braid.
[Video] 1:28 - Kanzashi With a Braid

The braid arrangement is a style for long hair. It is tied with an elastic band to keep it together. To create a stylish look, it's important to pull out just the right amount of hair from the top of the head and the braided area to create a softer look.

How to Use a Kanzashi, a Stylish Japanese Hair Ornament - Summary

If you simply insert the hairpin into your hair, it may fall out. Because of this, after inserting the hairpin into your hair, be sure to flip the hairpin over so that it catches the hair near the surface of your scalp. The video shows you how to do this in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Video] 3:09 - How to Insert a Kanzashi Hairpin Into a Finished Hairstyle

Kanzashi, which come in a variety of types, are easy to use and can be used in all sorts of ways, depending on your taste and the occasion.
Even if you think it might be difficult to use a kanzashi, don't be afraid to give it a try. It might be easier than you thought.
Yakai-maki, which can be done with a single hairpin, will make you look stylish and mature when wearing a yukata or kimono. If you're visiting any Japanese festivals this summer, be sure to try it out!

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Kanzashi - How to Use Japanese Hairpins! Stylish Hairstyles for Kimono and Yukata!
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