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Beautiful 3D Paper Cutting Art!

Check out the video "The world of beautiful 3D paper cutting #1" (美しい立体切り絵の世界 #1).

Most people would be surprised by the beautify of his works.
These 3D paper cutting works are created by the paper cutting artist, Naofumi Hama.
3D paper cutting works offer something different to the plain world of traditional paper artistry.
What kind of skills are necessary?
Let’s take a look at the secrets of 3D paper cutting.

More About 3D Paper Cutting

3D paper cutting works are created by folding plain paper cutting works.
Extra caution is necessary to assemble minute pieces due to their extreme fragility.

In the video clips, you can see various 3D paper cutting works such as roses, pansies, ducks, and ironware.
Also other beautiful and delicate art works such as gerbera, Dutch hats, origami cranes, chrysanthemum, and butterflies appear in the video. Be sure to take a look!

How to Create 3D Paper Cutting Works

As you can see from this video clip, it may be difficult for beginners to learn this style of paper cutting.
It's recommended to try simple cuts using Origami and a cutter when first starting out.
It's okay if you stack the cutout patterns and then carefully cut them with a cutter as well.

We recommend purchasing a paper cutting kit in which designs of flowers or animals are included for practice.
If you're interested in 3D paper cutting, Naofumi Hama has also written a book on 3D paper cutting (only in Japanese).

Summary of 3D Paper Cutting

There are other famous 3D paper cutting artists besides Naofumi Hama such as SouMa, Ayano Tomoda or Miki Kajita.
Please check out the beautiful 3D paper cutting works created by these artists and enjoy the different styles that each of them has to offer.

All 3D paper cutting works that appear in this video clip are breathtaking.
Be sure to watch the video one again to enjoy its unique world view.

【Official Website】Naofumi Hama 3D Kirie (Paper Cutting)

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Last Updated : May. 30, 2022
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The Beautiful World of 3D Paper Cutting Art! Enjoy Amazing Works Created by the Paper Cutting Artist, Naofumi Hama
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