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Introducing the Traditional Crafts of Japan!

This video, titled "Traditional Crafts "The Art of Craftsmanship" Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square" by "Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square."

The term "traditional crafts" refers to products created with traditional skills and techniques that have been handcrafted by artisans in various regions.
The term “Traditional crafts” (伝統的工芸品) have been stipulated in the "Act on the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries" and as of February 2020, 230 items have been designated as such.

Many traditional craft techniques have been passed down for more than 100 years in Japan.
The national competition of traditional crafts, "KOUGEI-EXPO," by the Association for the Development of the Traditional Crafts Industry (伝統的工芸品産業振興協会), was held online in 2020 in Kyoto.

The Traditional Crafts Shown in the Video

Image of ceramics

Traditional crafts are crafts made using techniques that have been passed down for many years, and are characterized by the fact that the main part of the production process is handmade.

Traditional crafts have a slightly different meaning than ordinary other crafts in Japan.
"Traditional crafts" refer only to items that are clearly specified by the government of Japan.
Other conditions that traditional crafts must meet are as follows:
・ The craft must be an item used in daily life
・ The craft must be produced in a specific area
・ The craft must implement traditionally used materials
・ The craft must use traditional techniques or skills in the production process

The Different Types of Traditional Crafts Shown in the Video

Image of handmade Japanese paper being made by an artisan
Photo:Handmade Japanese paper being made by an artisan

Japan is home to a number of different types of traditional crafts. These include:
・Dyed products
・Other textile products
・Bamboo crafts
・Buddhist altars
・Buddhist equipment
・Japanese paper
・Precious stone crafts
・Traditional Japanese dolls
・Kokeshi dolls
・Other crafts

Japan’s Traditional Crafts and Where They’re Made

Image of a Tsugaru ware tray
Photo:A Tsugaru ware tray

The following traditional crafts are featured in this video:
・Aomori's "Tsugaru Nuri" [Video: 0:32 ~]
・Oita's " Beppu Bamboo Ware" [Video: 1:18 ~]
・Shimane's "Sekishu Washi" [Video: 2:01 ~]
・Hyogo’s "Tamba Ware" (Tamba-tachikui Ware) [Video: 2:42 ~]
・Kanagawa's "Kamakura-bori" [Video: 3:22 ~]
・Ishikawa's "Yamanaka Shikki" (Yamanaka Lacquerware) [Video: 4:05 ~]

There are many more traditional crafts in Japan besides the ones shown in the video as well.

Summary of Japan’s Various Traditional Crafts

This video showcases many of Japan’s beautiful traditional crafts.

Many of the traditional crafts shown in the video can also be purchased online.
You can also experience a traditional craft making experience in many parts of Japan, giving you the opportunity to learn about the unique history and culture of each region.
If there are any crafts that interest you, be sure to look them up!

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A Look at Various Traditional Crafts That Have Been Handed Down From Generation to Generation in Various Parts of Japan as Well as Their Craftsmanship and Artistic Beauty
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