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Introducing the Traditional Japanese Craft, Nanao Candles

This video, titled "Nippon Handicraft Encyclopedia × Takazawa Candles (ニッポン手仕事図鑑 × 髙澤ろうそく), was released by "Nippon Teshigoto Zukan."

There are so many ways to enjoy Japan, from studying history, to experiencing traditional crafts, to visiting Japanese tourist sites and more.

This video is recommended for people interested in traditional Japanese crafts, as it introduces "Nanao Candles," a traditional craft in Nanao, Ishikawa.

Highlights of the Traditional Japanese Craft, "Nanao Candles"

The 7-minute long video introduces all of the important points of Nanao Candles, a traditional Japanese craft.

Hisashi Takazawa, the owner of Takazawa Candle, which is located in Nanao, Ishikawa in Japan's Hokuriku region, gives a thoughtful interview.
You can see the town of Nanao, Ishikawa from 1:20 in the video.
You can observe the beautiful landscape in which Nanao Candles are made.
The shop of Takazawa Candle is shown from 2:25.

From 3:57, you can see how Nanao Candles are made by hand at the Japanese Candle workshop.
You can get an idea of the techniques used to make the traditional Japanese candles.

A Look at Nanao, Ishikawa

Image of Townscape of Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture
Photo:The Townscape of Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture

Nanao, Ishikawa is located in the center of Noto Peninsula.
There are many hot springs here, so those headed to Kanazawa should consider stopping by if you have the chance.

Nanao Candles are very famous and make great souvenirs.
Those unable to visit Japan are in luck because Nanao Candles can also be bought online through Takazawa Candle's online store.
There are also events held here, such as the Hotosai Festival (奉燈祭) and the Seihakusai Festival (青柏祭) which has been designated an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan, and was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

More About Traditional Nanao Candles

The origin of Nanao Candles starts with Japan's Warring States Period (1467 to 1615).
When Maeda Toshiie visited Nanao, Ishikawa, Nanao Candles were produced to help develop Japanese industries.
At that time, many craftsmen lived in Nanao, and thus, the culture of Japanese candles was born.

Nanao had easy access to Japanese paper, an important material for making candles.
This is one of the reasons for the development of Nanao Candles.
Another feature of Nanao Candles is the use of natural materials, such as rush grass.

Takazawa Candle is a historical store with expert craftsmen that makes Nanao Candles and was founded in 1892.
There you can experience making Nanao Candles, so if you're looking to experience traditional Japanese crafts, be sure to drop by!

Summary of Japan's Traditional Nanao Candles

Takazawa Candle has been making and selling Nanao Candles for many years.
If you're interested, be sure to check out Takazawa Candle to see their original products.
Japan's traditional crafts are incredibly diverse.
If you're looking for places to travel, be sure to research if there are any traditional crafts that originated from there. It will make your trip even more enjoyable knowing the history of the area.

Nanao Candles are a traditional craft with a long history.
Take this opportunity to experience traditional Japanese craftsmenship!

【Official Website】Takazawa Candle Online Store

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The Fifth Generation Craftsman of Takazawa Candle, Which Has Been Around Since the Meiji Period, Talks About His Passion for Traditional Crafts! The Flames of Nanao Candles, Made by the Artisans of Nanao, Ishikawa, Will Soothe Your Soul...
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