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Video introduction to the oldest museum in Japan, Tokyo National Museum, Taito-ku, Tokyo

This video, titled "[Sword World] "Tokyo National Museum - A Place Full of Swords|Sword Exhibits: Japanese Swords at a Museum|YouTube Video" (【刀剣ワールド】「東京国立博物館」刀剣に会える場所|刀剣展示 博物館の日本刀 YouTube動画), was uploaded by "[Touken World] Japanese Swords - YouTube Video" (【刀剣ワールド】刀剣・日本刀・刀・剣 - YouTube動画).

The Tokyo National Museum, introduced in the video, is located in Taito, Tokyo, in Japan's Kanto region, and was founded in 1872, making it the oldest museum in Japan.
The Tokyo National Museum consists of six exhibition halls and archives, and is dedicated to the collection, storage, exhibition, research, and dissemination of Cultural Properties from Japan and the East.
The museum has more than 117,000 items in its collection, the largest number of National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties of any museum in Japan.
This article introduces the Tokyo National Museum alongside the video.

Check Out the Swords on Display on the First Floor of the Tokyo National Museum's Main Gallery

Image of a sword on display at the Tokyo National Museum
Photo:A sword on display at the Tokyo National Museum

On the first floor of the Tokyo National Museum's Main Gallery (Japanese Gallery), the exhibits are divided by field, such as sculpture, ceramics, and swords.
The highlight of the museum is the swords in Room 13 on the first floor.
Many of Japan's most famous swords are housed here.
Japanese swords are said to have originated in the Kofun Period (around 350-700 B.C.), when they were used for rituals.
With the rise of the samurai in the mid-Heian Period, they took on the form we know today.

In the sword display area, the legendary Mikazuki (三日月, Crescent Moon), one of the Tenka Goken ("Five Greatest Swords Under Heaven"), is displayed in the museum's collection.
The swords on display at the Tokyo National Museum can be seen from 1:20 in the video.

Fascinating Attractions at the Main Gallery of the Tokyo National Museum

Image of the Tokyo National Museum
Photo:The Tokyo National Museum

The Main Gallery of the Tokyo National Museum has a lot more to see than just swords!
The marble staircase at the entrance to the Main Gallery of the Tokyo National Museum is a sight to behold.
The marble staircase has been used for filming TV dramas and pre-wedding photos.
Also, on display on the second floor of the Main Gallery are exhibits that follow the trends of Japanese art throughout the ages, from the Jomon Period (14,000 BC to around 400 BC) to the Edo Period (1603-1868 AD).
If you're a first-time visitor, be sure to check out the second floor first and learn about the history of Japan!

There is also a museum store on the first floor, selling around 4,500 kinds of stationery, picture postcards, exhibition catalogs, books, and other original museum goods.
The exhibits are changed frequently.
Please check the official website for information on current exhibits and schedules.

Visit the Japanese Archaeology Gallery With the Main Gallery!

Image of Heiseikan at the Tokyo National Museum
Photo:Heiseikan at the Tokyo National Museum

The Heiseikan is the best place to visit along with the Main Gallery of the Tokyo National Museum.
In the archaeological exhibition room on the first floor, archaeological artifacts from the Stone Age to the modern era are on display.
You're sure to find something interesting!

On the second floor, there is a special exhibition room where special exhibitions are held.
The exhibits change every few months and include a wide variety of items, such as bird and animal caricatures and Buddhist statues.
Be sure to check these out along with the permanent exhibits.
Please note that the special exhibitions are charged separately from the admission fee.
The Tokyo National Museum also has the Hyokeikan, the Toyokan (Asian Gallery), the Teahouse, the Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, and the Kuroda Memorial Hall, which reopened in January 2015 and displays the works of Kuroda Seiki.
It is difficult to visit all of the facilities in one day, so be sure to plan your schedule flexibly.

Summary of the Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is an important museum for the history of Japan.
The swords in the Main Gallery, which can be seen throughout the video, are a must-see.
The swords are regarded by the world as works of art.
Moreover, they have become even more popular due to the PC game "Touken Ranbu."

The Tokyo National Museum is located in Ueno Onshi Park, and has convenient transportation access.
Currently, tickets can only be purchased by advanced reservation.
In order to make the museum more accessible, the admission fee was revised in April 2020.
Please check the official website for information on hours, admission fees, exhibits, events, and special exhibits.

Stop by the Tokyo National Museum and explore the history of Japan!
You'll even be welcomed by the official Tokyo National Museum characters, Tohaku-kun and Yurinoki-chan.
Don't forget to watch the video as well if you still haven't yet.
It's full of awesome footage of the Tokyo National Museum!

【Official Website】The Tokyo National Museum

【TripAdvisor】The Tokyo National Museum

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