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This video, titled "Katana long sword, with no inscription, attributed to Masamune," was released by "Virtual Sword Museum 'Sword World'" (バーチャル刀剣博物館「刀剣ワールド」).

The sword shown in this video is an inscriptionless sword said to be attributed to Masamune, which is said to have been made in the early years of the Nanboku-cho period.
It is said to have been worn by Emperor Komei​, the father of Emperor Meiji, and has a stylish look to it.
Masamune, who is said to have made this sword, learned the techniques as a pupil of Shintogo Kunimitsu, the most famous swordsmith in Kamakura, and created a masterpiece that expresses the essence of the Soshu den Style of swordsmithing.
These master swords, with their elegant brilliance, are made with the wisdom of the swordsmith.
We invite you to take a closer look at these beautiful swords.

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Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
What Kind of History Is Hidden in This Special Sword With No Inscription? Introducing the Beauty of the Japanese Swords Made by Masamune, One of Japan's Most Renowned Master Swordsmiths!
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