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This video, titled "#103 Tsukamaki-Shi, Kentaro Kubo|Door to Tomorrow by At Home" (#103 柄巻師 久保 謙太郎 | 明日への扉 by アットホーム), was released by "Door to Tomorrow by At Home" (明日への扉 by アットホーム).

In the world of Japanese swords, there are swordsmiths and scabbard makers who make swords and scabbards, but the traditional craftsmen who make the hilt, are called "tsukamaki-shi".
Many people are fascinated by the visual beauty of Japanese swords, and the tukamaki-shi is the leading figure in the production of the sword's visual beauty.

The handmade sword hilt is covered with stingray skin called shagreen and then wrapped with string or other material to make it easier to grip.
Some of the best sword handles from the Edo period are called masterpieces, and Kentaro Kubo, a master tsukamaki-shi, works hard every day to create masterpieces that come close to those works.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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The Hilt, Which Determines the Beauty and Functionality of a Japanese Sword, Is Made by a Craftsman Called a Tsukamaki-Shi! Check Out the Video to See the Japanese Craftsman's Techniques!
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