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The PR Video for "Chusen," a Traditional Japanese Dyeing Technique

This video, titled "Chusen - Hand-dyeing technique (Japan)," produced by "IKIDANE NIPPON" features one of Japan's traditional dyeing techniques.

"Chusen" is a traditional dyeing technique that originated in Sakai (堺市:Sakai-shi), Osaka in the early Edo Period.
Chusen is also called "Sosogi-zome."
Dyed textiles are used not only for rolls of cloth and clothing like Yukata, and Jinbei, but also for commonly used items like dish cloths or handkerchiefs.  

This video clip features the traditional dyeing technique Chusen.
We hope you enjoy this rare footage!

The Chusen Dyeing Technique

Chusen is a traditional dyeing technique whereby you dye each piece one by one, and requires highly skilled craftsmen to create perfect, even dyeing.
First, place the material cloth on the board and apply anti-dye adhesive to the non-dyeing areas using patterned paper. (0:05).

After the pastes are dried, set a frame to an area to be dyed (1:08) and pour the dye compounds onto the cloth. If cloths are dyed twice, in a distinct way, by layering them on top of each other by the bellows, a beautiful color will be produced, and the back side will have a vivid appearance.

Dyed textures are washed with water and dried.
You can see the completed product in the footage from 3:04.
Chusen uses the same technique to dye yarns, therefore, it does not lose its elasticity and breath-ability.

Let's Use Chusen Dyed Products

As you can see from this video clip, these traditional dyed products are made by hand, one by one.
These Chusen products, with an air of Japanese culture, are very popular as souvenirs.

Chusen products are available on online shopping sites.
In recent years, MUJI has introduced a new line of chusen items that have attracted a lot of attention.
If properly cared for, Chusen products will change into a beautiful color and can be used for a long time.
We also recommend trying a Chusen experience class to see what Chusen dyeing is like.

Summary of Chusen, the Traditional Hand Dyeing Technique

The footage from 3:11 features various Chusen products.
Chusen has many different types of patterns such as such as small crests, stripes, chidori patterns, and floral patterns.
There are also various techniques, such as using multiple dyeing compounds to make colors brighter, or discharge dyeing to make colors dark.

There is another traditional dyeing method in Japan besides Chusen; it is called "Nattsen."
Definitely check out some chusen products if you have the chance!

【Official Website】Tenukuri kobo |Tokyo Wasarasi Sozokan

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The Beauty of the Traditional Japanese Dyeing Technique
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