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This video, titled "Japan Handicrafts x Komamura Seimei-do" (ニッポン手仕事図鑑 × 駒村清明堂), was released by "Japan Handicrafts" (ニッポン手仕事図鑑).

Amidst the sound of the waterwheel, what is being carefully prepared is a cedar incense stick made by Komamura Seimei-do, which has been made for over 100 years since the Meiji Era.
What makes it unique is that Komamura Seimei-do is the only company in Ibaraki Prefecture that makes incense sticks using waterwheels.

It takes about 40 hours to slowly grind the dried cedar leaves, which are more than 50 years old, to prevent the fragrance of the cedar from escaping.
Spring water from Mt. Tsukuba is the only other ingredient combined with the ground cedar leaves.
The incense sticks are 100% additive-free and derived from nature in Ibaraki.

Many buyers are fascinated by the elegant fragrance that makes you feel as if you're bathing in a forest and come to experience the work or visit the factory.

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Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
Natural Incense Sticks Made Using a Water Wheel in Ibaraki Prefecture! The Only Materials Used Are Cedar Leaves and Fresh Water From Mount Tsukuba!
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