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Introducing the Traditional Japanese Craft, Shosaku Fishing Rods!

This video, "Nippon Handiwork Encyclopedia x Shosaku Rod (ニッポン手仕事図鑑 × 竿昭作(山野正幸))", is a video that introduces the "Kawaguchi's Traditional Japanese Fishing Rods" (川口和竿 竿昭作), a shop that makes traditional Japanese fishing rods.

The company shown in the video is a workshop in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, where traditional Japanese rods are made using traditional techniques. Shosaku's fishing rods are works of art, with each one made from carefully selected raw materials. Their rods are of very high quality and are often featured in the media.
If you're an avid fisherman, we recommend trying out one of these fishing rods!

Sao Shosaku Fishing Rods

The origin of Kawaguchi's bamboo rods is said to be the production of bamboo fishing rods using materials such as high quality Hotei Bamboo and Mambo that grow naturally in the Shiba River basin.
Masayuki Yamano, the traditional Japanese fishing rod craftsman introduced in the video, is the second-generation owner of Yamano Fishing Rods, a company that continues to produce the finest fishing rods by passing on the traditional skills of its craftsmen.

Made of supple, delicate bamboo, these high-end Japanese rods are stronger than their appearance suggests.
Also, as the craftsman Masayuki Yamano tells us at 2:06 in the video, Japanese fishing rods are very flexible and strong and have a good feel to them, making them quite popular.

As you can see from the video 2:48, there were 200 craftsmen of Japanese fishing rods in the early Showa period (around 1930 AD), but now there are only four, and Masayuki Yamano is one of them.
You can also see the production process of these precious Japanese rods in the video.
They're made using a large number of specialized tools.

Try Fishing at the Lakes and Rivers of Japan, With a Traditional Japanese Fishing Rod!

Many people are interested in fishing at Japanese rivers and come from overseas to do so. This is explained at 4:49 in the video.
If you're unfamiliar with fishing, we recommend that you try out different types of fishing for things like small carp and sardines.
In particular, the Tanago and Kofiro rod's 8-pieces with 6 inch grips, are about 1 meter in length, and they are easy to use thanks to the supple bamboo they are made of.

If you would like to use a higher-grade fishing rod, try the Yamano fishing tackle shop that sells high-quality fishing rods made by Shosaku. Shosaku's rods are also sold at online retailers such as Amazon, and there are new products at great prices, so you can easily purchase a high-quality rod.

Summary of Sao Shosaku's Fishing Rods

The video introduces the craftsman's commitment to making traditionally crafted fishing rods using traditional techniques.
The easy-to-use fishing rods made by Saoshosaku are recommended for those who are looking for a higher quality fishing rod.

At 0:20 in the video, the craftsman says, "Good things will never go away."
We're sure these traditional Japanese fishing rods will be passed down for years to come.
If you like fishing, definitely check out one of these fishing rods. You're sure to have a great time.

【Official Website】Kazuaki Kawaguchi Sao Shosaku

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