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Let’s Check Out the Professional Weaving Techniques of These Bamboo Artisans!

This is an introductory video on the traditional craft "Beppu Takezaiku" (Beppu Bamboo Crafts), made in Beppu City, Oita prefecture, famous for the Beppu hot springs.

The beautiful bamboo crafts use high quality bamboos and are handmade by skilled craftsmen.
You can practically feel the the culture radiating off of these amazing pieces of art.
What exactly are Beppu bamboo crafts though?
Let’s check it out! Be sure to follow along with the video as you read this article.

The History and Characteristics of Beppu Bamboo Crafts

Beppu bamboo crafts have a long history.
So long in fact that they're recorded in the Nihon Shoki.
In it, it states that Beppu bamboo crafts originated from Emperor Keikou requesting it when visiting the Kyushu area.
In this area, there are many high quality Shino bamboos which are the materials of Beppu bamboo crafts, so they made tea cup baskets using this bamboo.

After entering the Muromachi period (1336 - 1573), Beppu bamboo crafts began to be produced actively as a traditional crafts.
Furthermore, after the Edo period (1603 - 1868), important financial and cultural figures began to build villas in the famous Beppu hot springs.
This led to a rise in the cultural value of crafts such as tea equipment, and Beppu bamboo crafts began to be sold for high prices.

Purchasing Beppu Bamboo Crafts

Beppu City Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center in Higashi-Soen Beppu City offers visitors a chance to observe various types of bamboo craftsmanship and the processes used to make them.
You can learn how to make bamboo crafts with hands-on classes or buy them at reasonable prices at shops.
If you're on a sightseeing trip to Beppu, you should definitely stop by.

Beppu Bamboo Crafts Can Also Be Purchased Online

Beppu bamboo crafts can also be purchased online.
At Moriguchi Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd., they sell bamboo craft bags and wind bells hand made by craftsmen at workshops.
Choose your favorite items from all different price ranges.

How Are Beppu Bamboo Crafts Made?

There are many people who want to feel traditional Japanese culture firsthand make their own Beppu bamboo crafts.

Unfortunately most of the literature on Beppu bamboo crafts is in Japanese.
However, there are many online sources with detailed descriptions and "How-To's."
With a little bit of time and research, you can create your very own Beppu bamboo crafts.

The crafting process is also introduced in the video.
Assembly is done by peeling the sun-dried bamboo and weaving it carefully into thin bamboo strips.
It's quite clear from the video that the craft contains the techniques of nearly 2,000 years of dedicated craftsmanship.

Summary of Beppu Bamboo Crafts

At the end of the video, there are many kinds of beautiful Beppu bamboo crafts, filled with the techniques of skilled craftsmen.
They're truly breathtaking

Hopefully this video has you interested in Beppu bamboo crafts! They make for great gifts or experiences!

【Official Website】Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square

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Last Updated : Jun. 29, 2022
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Beppu Bamboo Crafts: A Look at the History and Characteristics of the Traditional Japanese Craft From Oita Prefecture. Enjoy the Skilled Techniques of These Bamboo Weaving Artisans!
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