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A Look at a Fusuma Paper Factory

This video, titled "Nippon Handiwork Field Guide x Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing" (ニッポン手仕事図鑑 × 菊池襖紙工場), features interviews with craftsmen who create traditional Japanese fusuma.
Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing, featured in the video, is located in Sumida city, Tokyo (東京都墨田区, toukyou-to sumida-ku), and has been producing fusuma paper the traditional way for many years.

Craftsmen Masaaki Yasukawa, seen at 1:25 in the video, and Kazuhisa Yamamoto (5:24), explain how fusuma paper is manufactured.
This article will explain the history of fusuma and its manufacturing process. Be sure to watch the video as you read along.

More About the History of Fusuma and Its Production Process

In any traditional Japanese home there is a Japanese-style room.
A Japanese-style room typically has tatami mat flooring along with other traditional items, such as Japanese paper screens (障子, Shoji) and Fusuma.

There are many kinds of paper used in shoji making and fusuma vary by the skill and expertise of the craftsmen who made them.
The beautiful design of fusuma paper made from gold leaf is especially popular overseas.

The Origins of Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing and How Fusuma Paper Is Made

In this video we introduce Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing: a long-running fusuma manufacturing company established in 1924.
They began as a company that solely focused on the application of patterns and designs for fusuma paper.

As you can see from 0:12 in the video, the printing process has evolved, along with the development of new techniques and technology, and both original printing methods and inkjet printers are used to apply patterns and designs to the fusuma paper.

At Kikuchi Fusuma Manfucaturing, the top-seller of fusuma paper in Japan, they use computers to design unique and intricate patterns for their fusuma paper.

Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing Is Creating Some New and Interesting Products!

From 5:09 in the video, you can see how gold and silver dust (a traditional Japanese decorating method) is used in the production of fusuma paper at Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing.
During the interview, Kazuhisa Yamamoto explains how the use of gold and silver dust in their designs is one of the ideas they began utilizing to bring more of a traditional feel to their modern fusuma designs.

Other paper items currently being produced at Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing include iron-on fusuma paper, peel and stick wallpaper, and mending wallpaper used to fix damage.
Other interesting items you may be interested in purchasing include glass window design paper, silhouette guard paper, insulating sheets, and cute wrapping paper.

Summary of Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing

In this article we introduced Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing, a company that continues to produce fusuma paper with traditional methods.
Companies, including Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing, continue to produce traditional Japanese fusuma paper relying on the techniques of highly skilled craftsmen.

We hope you enjoyed watching this video and that you learned something new about fusuma and Japanese traditional culture.

【Official Website】Fusuma paper and wallpaper production and sales | Kikuchi Fusuma Manufacturing

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