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This video, titled "Jan. 2, 2020|Yasukuni Shrine|Scabbard Maker|Mizuno Miyuki|Plain Scabbards!" (2020年1月2日「靖国神社」鞘師「水野美行」白鞘実演!), was released by "Kimunao News" (きむなおニュース).

In January of 2020, demonstrations by sword sharpeners, scabbard makers and engravers were held at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.
Scabbard makers are traditional craftsmen who make scabbards, the cases used to store swords.
The scabbard is made from materials such as magnolia, which is split once, the insides are hollowed out, and then the two scabbards are laminated together.
The appearance of the scabbard varies according to the design of the sword, from simple scabbards to decorated scabbards.

In the video clip, scabbard maker Mizuno Miyuki shows how he creates beautiful-looking scabbards.

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Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
The Scabbards That Hold Japanese Swords Are Made by Skilled Japanese Craftsmen! A Look at the Handiwork of Japanese Scabbard Makers, Who Drew Attention at a Traditional Craft Demonstration at Yasukuni Shrine
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