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The Kashimo Meijiza Performing Arts Theater in Gifu Prefecture

This video, produced by "N.a.," is titled "[Beautiful Japan] GIFU The Meijiza Playhouse,Tono." It introduces the Kashimo Meijiza, a performing arts theater in Gifu Prefecture.

Gifu Prefecture's Kashimo Meijiza is a historical theater built in 1894.
In the old days, Kabuki was performed by local amateur actors, and many theaters were built where these performances took root.
This video shows actual Kabuki performances at Kashimo Meijiza.
Relax and enjoy the traditional Japanese performing arts!

Kabuki - A Traditional Japanese Performing Art

Kabuki is an ancient form of taishu engeki (大衆演劇).
The word "kabuki" (歌舞伎) comes from the word "傾く" (Kabuku), which long ago meant "to perform kabuki."
Kabuki began as a dance performance started by Izumo no Okuni in Kyoto, and gradually spread throughout the country.
Today, the traditional performing art Kabuki is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan.
At one point, people were so absorbed in the plays that the Shogunate issued a ban on them.

Other traditional performing arts of Japanese origin include Kyogen and Noh theatre.
Kashimo Meijiza, shown in the video, works with the Toza Theater in Shirakawa, Gifu Prefecture, and holds a variety of events to give visitors a casual introduction to the traditional arts, such as exhibitions of amateur kabuki equipment.

Famous Kabuki Actors Performing at Kashimo Meijiza!

Opened in 1894, Kashimo Meijiza was a popular event venue for a variety of performances, including traditional kabuki theater, plays, and dances.
Since the mid 1990's, it has hosted performances by famous actors such as Nakamura Kanzaburo and Nakamura Shichinosuke.

In the video, you can see how the venue is set up to welcome the audience at 1:06, performers putting on their makeup and wigs before going on stage at 1:22, and an actual performance at 1:45.

Summary of Kashimo Meijiza, a Traditional Performing Arts Theater

You can watch kabuki performances on TV, but watching a kabuki performance from a seat in a kabuki theater is a special experience.
If you'd like to see a kabuki performance in person, check out the performance information for Gifu's Kashimo Meijiza and plan a sightseeing trip in the area when one is taking place!
The unadulterated spirit that can be found in traditional kabuki and kabuki theaters is truly something to behold.
If you'd like to see a kabuki performance in person, check out the performance information for Gifu's Kashimo Meijiza and go sightseeing in the area!

◆Kashimo Meijiza|General Information◆
【Address】4793-2 Kashimo, Nakatsugawa, Gifu 508-0421
【Access】50 minutes by car from the Nakatsugawa Interchange on the Chuo Expressway, or from JR Nakatsugawa Station, take the Kita-Ena Kotsu Bus and get off at Manga (万賀).

【Official Website】Kashimo Meijiza

【Tripadvisor】Kashimo Meijiza

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Enjoy Kabuki, a Traditional Japanese Art Form, at Kashimo Meijiza, a Performing Arts Theater in Gifu Prefecture! Come Explore the Deep World That Lies Inside the 130-Year-Old Theater!
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