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Walk the Buzen Kaido in Kumamoto Prefecture and Experience One of Japan's Historical Highways! The Theater Where You Can Enjoy Traditional Kabuki Culture Is a Valuable Cultural Property That Has Been Passed Down From the Edo Period!
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Enjoy Kabuki, a Traditional Japanese Art Form, at Kashimo Meijiza, a Performing Arts Theater in Gifu Prefecture! Come Explore the Deep World That Lies Inside the 130-Year-Old Theater!
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Noh - A Popular Traditional Performing Art That Has Been Handed Down in Japan Since Ancient Times. Learn More About Noh With the Head of the Kanze School of Noh Theater!
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This video, titled "Unveiling of the New 145th Anniversary Drapes|A Collaboration Between Meijiza and TeamLab" (145周年新緞帳を披露 明治座、チームラボとコラボ), was released by "KyodoNews."

Meijiza, introduced in this video, is a theater located in Chuo City, Tokyo, and is the longest established theater in Tokyo.
To celebrate Meijiza's 145th anniversary, they held a preview of their new drapes in April 2019, in collaboration with digital art collective TeamLab.
The drapes are 7 meters long and 20 meters wide, and projections of the streets of Nihonbashi and the activities of its people are shown through projection mapping.

Meijiza, the Oldest Theater in Tokyo, Has Had Its Front Curtain Beautifully Renovated! the Digitally Powered Drapes, Created in Collaboration With the Digital Art Group
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