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Kimono/Yukata Folding: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Kazumi Style] How to Fold a Kimono (Men's and Women's)" (Kazumi流きもの/浴衣の畳み方(男女)How to fold Kimono/Yukata), was uploaded by "kazumiryu."
This is a very clear and detailed explanation of how to fold kimono and yukata, which many people have trouble with. We hope it can be of use!

A Surprisingly Simple Method for Folding Kimono/Yukata!

Image of a kimono

Maybe you've worn a kimono/yukata before, or perhaps you even own one but aren't sure how to properly fold it. It can seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is surprisingly easy to do.

Folding a kimono properly not only makes it compact, but also prevents wrinkles. Also, when washing a yukata at home after it has been worn, folding it and putting it in a net before washing will help prevent wrinkles.

The video shows how easy it is to fold a yukata, even in a small space where you've only got about a bed's worth of space.

How to Properly Fold a Kimono + Correct Folding Order

Image of a folded kimono and folding paper
Photo:A folded kimono and folding paper

Let's take a look at how to fold a kimono/yukata, even in a small space. The method for folding kimono and yukata is the same for men and women too, so don't worry about that!

[Folding a Kimono/Yukata]
●Folding the Bottom Half of the Kimono
・Sit in front of the kimono and place the collar on the left side
・Hold the right half (wakisen, 脇線) with both hands and fold up along the seam
・Fold the okumisen (衽線) towards your body
・Fold the left side of the kimono over the right side that you folded towards your body
・Using both hands, fold the left half completely over the right half
・Check that the seam at the center back of the kimono is straight
・Fold up the bottom part of the kimono twice

●Folding the Top Half of the Kimono
・Bring the top half of the kimono to the front
・Place the left side over the right side as you did before
・Make sure the center of the back is straight
・Fold the collar inwards a few centimeters in a triangle shape
・Fold the left sleeve over the kimono and the right under the kimono

Be sure to check out the video to see a detailed, easy-to-understand video demonstration on how this is done.
[Video] 0:07 - How to Fold a Kimono

Kimono and yukata can be stored with care if they are properly stored.
Depending on how they are stored and other factors, they may be folded two or three times. In the two-fold method, the lower half of the kimono is raised to the top to make it half the length. For a three-fold, the hem is folded once around the bottom of the sleeve to prevent wrinkles in the sleeve, and then folded in half again to make a three-fold.

If you fold a kimono in the way shown in the video, you can fold it compactly even in a small space such as on a bed or table.

No Floor Space? Learn Sode-Datami, a Method for Folding Kimono While Standing Up!

If you've gone somewhere and you're unable to lay your kimono on the floor to be folded, there's a method called sode-datami that allows you to temporarily fold your kimono.
If you learn to do this, you can temporarily fold your kimono even without a table, which is very convenient.

[Sode-datami Folding Method]
・Put the kimono on backwards, with the back facing forward
・Align the sleeves by putting your arms through the cuffs
・Pull your arms out one side at a time so as not to shift the cuffs
・Hold the corner of the sleeves with one hand and the body of the kimono with the other hand from the top
・Fold the sleeves over the front of the body of the kimono
・Hold the kimono with both hands and adjust the kimono so that it is straight
・Hold the top and bottom of the kimono so that it does not fall apart, and fold the top part of the kimono towards the bottom half
・Fold it in half once more to complete the sode-datami folding method

Sode-datami is a method of folding yukata and kimono for temporary storage. For example, when you are out and have little time. However, when you return home, you should fold the kimono properly before storing it.

[Different Methods for Folding Kimono]
There are several methods for folding kimono:

Summary of How to Fold Kimono/Yukata

Image of a woman wearing a yukata
Photo:A woman wearing a yukata

In addition to wearing yukata to fireworks displays and summer festivals in Japan people also wear kimono for occasions like Miyamairi (a shrine visit for newborns), Shichi-Go-San, Coming-of-Age Day, graduation ceremonies, and even weddings.

Although you might have the chance to wear a kimono, you might not have the chance to fold one.

Especially in the case of rental items, stores generally take care of the cleanup afterwards, so there are even many Japanese people who have never seen how to fold kimono.

Kimono and yukata have an image of being somewhat difficult to fold, so start by practicing sode-datami. From there you can learn to fold a kimono properly with the help of a video or something. Once you get the hang of it, it is surprisingly easy to fold a kimono!

The kimono folding method introduced here can also be applied to furisode and nagajuban. If you ever find yourself trying to fold a kimono, be sure to use this article/video as a guide!

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How to Fold a Kimono! A Simple Guide to Folding a Kimono Quickly and Compactly, Even With Little Space!
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